Stripes Are A Simple Way To Add A Little Life To Your Space

From subtle to statement-making.

Striped Tablecloth Summer
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Stripes never go out of style — whether they be classic (like a nautical stripe on a boatneck top) or something more statement-making (a glamorous gown, for example). But this sentiment isn’t only true for your wardrobe, it applies to your home decor, too. In fact, it’s highly likely you can find some type of stripe already existing in your space somewhere. That said, the timeless pattern has never been more in-demand when it comes to interior design, and it’s being utilized in totally new and exciting ways — from floor to ceiling and beyond.

The beauty of stripes as a decor element lies in their versatility. Because they’re relatively simplistic in essence, they’re an easy way to inject a little more life into any room. “For me, stripes can go traditional or contemporary, but always add a bit of geometric structure and color to any space,” says Dan Mazzarini, Principal Designer of BHDM Design and founder of ARCHIVE. “I love to use stripes on walls (read: wallpaper and even painted stripes) and furniture — a cabana stripe looks great indoor and out and in almost any interior.”

Sticking to such a classic pattern also means being able to shop it in a multitude of colors and textures, as well as in a variety of decor items. This allows you to add a little, or a lot. Want to start small and subdued? “Try starting with accent pieces like pillows or throws,” explains Kylie K. Bass of KKB Interiors. “Look for a monochromatic or more muted fabric and then pair that striped piece with a textured pillow. This can be a great way to introduce the pattern without it being too overwhelming.” Or you can use the opportunity to play with funkier pieces on a smaller scale that doesn’t require major changes in your home, as Jamie Ivey of Ivey Design Group suggests. “You can take risks without making permanent changes or spending a lot of money,” she says.

And Mazzarini says even a single stripe can be a great starting point for minimalists. “I like pillows, blankets, or curtains with just one stripe centered,” he adds. “It’s a great way to add interest to a window, without overwhelming a room.” To try this effect without buying anything new, the designer recommends just laying a folded, solid colored blanket over a bed or sofa.

Want more drama? Use stripes in a space that offers more real estate. “I also love to use stripes on walls in a horizontal orientation: ceiling to floor, or one big painted stripe to add architectural interest to a space,” Mazzarini shares. Think rugs and wall coverings (including peel-off versions if you’re commitment-phobic).

The options are limitless, which means there’s a stripe or two out there that’s perfectly suited to your space. And to help you find yours, we’ve gathered a handful of options in a range of colors, widths, and styles that you can add to your patio, your tabletop, or wherever you want to breathe new life into your home.