4 Ways To Be A More Likable Person In 2018

Amid the excessive ugliness of 2017, we saw compassion and empathy expressed in equal measure, and we hope the tide will continue to turn toward kindliness in 2018 both IRL and on social media. This dream, however starts with each and every individual making daily decisions in that direction.

To help us get better at being nice in the new year, we enlisted the help of Kind Campaign founders Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson. “Just be kind! That’s our mantra,” say the duo. “Say it to yourself every day. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to our planet. Be kind to others. That, truly, will make a difference.”

If you love this simple and yet somehow-so-elusive ethos as much as we do, you can support the cause by purchasing a newly released, anti Regina George “You Can Sit With Us” T-shirt, proceeds from which benefit Kind Campaign. And check out Lauren and Molly’s tips for being your sweetest self in the new year, below. Happy World Kindness Day!

Homepage Image: Kind Campaign

"Reach out if you see someone else struggling. If you see someone is having a bad day, needs some help or looks upset, reach out. Even if reaching out is just a smile or a squeeze on the arm, letting that person know you see them, you recognize them and you value their feelings can make an enormously positive impression."

"If there is anyone in your life whom you feel like you need to apologize to, do it! During all of our Kind Campaign Assemblies, we give each girl the opportunity to make amends by writing an apology to someone. It's incredibly inspiring to see how an apology can not only be healing for the person you are apologizing to, but ultimately can be a really healing thing for yourself as well! You can do it face to face, in a written letter, a text message or whatever you feel most comfortable with. We have witnessed women reach out to other women on social media that they haven't seen since middle or high school to send an apology for something that happened in school. The healing it led to was so beautiful."

"Choose to celebrate others instead of being jealous. If your instinct is to be jealous of someone because they have something that you don't, try being happy for them first. As women, we are fed certain messages through the media that make us view the world through a particular lens. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are, and being able to genuinely celebrate other women's accomplishments and beauty only makes your light shine brighter."

Here, more advice on how to stop comparing yourself to others in order to be happier for them (and you).

"This may be the hardest tip of them all! It's so important to take time for you, whether that be meditation, spending time in nature, being intentional about unplugging from your devices, physical activity, quality time with loved ones or anything else that makes you happy in general. When you take time to be kind to yourself, that's when you'll be most empowered and capable of being kind to others."

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