The Best (And Worst) Cities For Dating In America

Ever wonder if your love life—or lack thereof—is heavily influenced by the city you live in? Now you don’t have to overthink it, thanks to the recent stats released by The Great Love Debate, a touring event that has amassed data from more than 35,000 singles in 78 different cities. Their analysis has revealed the Top 10 Best Cities for Dating, and the results are as follows (drumroll, please):

1. Chicago, IL

2. Lexington, KY

3. Charlotte, NC

4. Washington, DC

5. Denver, CO

6. Seattle, WA

7. Milwaukee, WI

8. Phoenix, AZ

9. Minneapolis, MN

10. Portland, OR

Of course, curiosity naturally leads one to wonder what towns represent the other—less desirable—end of the spectrum. The title of America’s Worst City for Dating was awarded to Philadelphia, followed closely by Atlanta and Miami.

Wherever you reside, these statistics will either A) motivate you to get out there via Tinder or other means if you live in, say, Chicago or B) serve as a great excuse for why your Friday nights are committed exclusively to binge-watching Netflix. No judgment, either way.

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