The One Thing All Happy Couples Do Every Day

Being in a relationship takes work—cue the no duh. Even though every relationship is different, there are some universal things that make a “happy” couple. To get some insight, we turned to LA-based therapist Jane Reardon, founder of the Rx Breakup app.

She says that happy couples always take the time to demonstrate their appreciation for one another and to be grateful for the relationship. “One New Year’s Eve I was in an amazing restaurant in downtown LA and sat next to a couple who spent the entire dinner scrolling through their phones. Making your life bigger and more vibrant speaks to personal confidence and a commitment to individual growth,” she explains. “So when it’s time to circle back to date night, there’s energy and a little excitement. And the phones stay off the table.”

Why is doing this seemingly small thing every day important? “It will improve you. It’ll improve your partner. And when each of you is stronger and feeling more secure you have a way better shot at staying real with each other and growing your intimacy,” Jane says. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to laugh. After all, it is the best medicine.