7 Things Your BFFs Know That Your Significant Other Doesn’t

For whatever reason, we’re often told we must pick a side when it comes to whether to prioritize platonic or romantic relationships in life. We don’t actually think this needs to be a choice—you can balance both, to the extent your imperfect humanity and busy schedule allow—but we will agree there are definitely always going to be ways in which your best friends know you better than any lover could. Here are just a few things your BFF could spill about you that your significant other couldn’t.

She'll Never Tell... You Hope

It's possible you've never told anyone about it, but if you did spill the beans, it's likely you spilled them to your bestie first. In fact, she (or he) was probably there when you did whatever you did, egging you on during the act. This secret will go to the grave with them, so long as you don't have a falling-out first.

We, like, totally think honesty is important in a relationship, and our ideal relationships are judgment-free zones. But in some cases we still believe in the whole what-they-don't-know-can't-hurt-them thing, and this can be one of them. Your BFF, on the other hand, knows not only your number but also the sordid details of every sexual encounter you've had.

Even if you're head-over-heels in love with your partner, there are likely things you've cited as reasons for which you should not be with them. Your best friend knows this information, and is holding it tightly so that he or she can comfort you with it in the event you two break up. If your SO ever found out about these—remember Ross's pro/con list about Rachel?—your relationship might be toast.

Some people excel at romantic relationships and fail at platonic ones, but most of us tend toward the opposite. Your lover may know what kind of girlfriend or wife you are, but they will never know what kind of a friend you are—which is a very different thing. While you might be an emotional wreck when it comes to your love life, you might also be the rock your friends depend on in times of heartbreak and trauma. If you're anything like us, your significant other might be surprised to hear how rational you sound when advising a friend on subjects that have, at times, made you "hysterical" in your own life.

Sometimes this person is Leonardo DiCaprio, other times this person is a very real human you have dated or have wanted to date and would drop your current boo for in a heartbeat. If it's the latter, your best friend definitely knows about it, even if you've never outright told them. Your significant other, on the other hand, must never know about it.

What?! It's true! Only your BFF knows of everything you and your wax and/or laser technician have been through at the whim of every new trend.

That one time, on vacation in (insert country ripe with exotic hearthrobs here).