Skip The Mimosa — This Morning Cocktail Idea Is So Much More Fun

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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Valerie’s English Breakfast cocktail is both morning-appropriate and easy. Simply add one and a half ounces English Breakfast-infused Spring44 Gin and some Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic to a goblet. Garnish with two fresh lime wheels and two dehydrated orange wheels.Courtesy of Valerie
For the Calabrian Daisy by Stacey Swenson of Altro Paradiso, add one and a half ounces sun-dried tomato-infused Arette Blanco Tequila, a half ounce each of ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto and agave syrup, three quarter ounces lime juice, a bar spoon of preserved lemon, and five dashes Calabrian chili tincture to a tin. Shake and strain over ice.Courtesy of Altro Paradiso
To enjoy the Morning Margarita, combine two ounces each of Corralejo Reposado and blood orange juice, plus a half ounce each of lime juice and agave nectar in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a blood orange wheel. Salt rim.Courtesy of Corralejo
Whip up the Ketel One Vodka Green Mary by adding one ounce Ketel One Family-Made Vodka, three and a half ounces of equal parts freshly juiced celery and cucumber, a half ounce freshly squeezed lime, and a pinch of rock salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and dried chili flakes to a glass. Stir well, add ice, and garnish with a salted cucumber slice.Courtesy of Ketel One Vodka
Create your own Oaxacan Coffee by adding one and a half ounces Dos Hombres Mezcal, a quarter ounce demerara syrup, one ounce cold brew, three dashes chocolate mole bitters, and three quarter ounces amaro to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with expressed orange peel.Courtesy of Dos Hombres
On extra hot days, make Carley’s Southern Charm by adding one and a half parts Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge and four parts unsweetened hibiscus iced tea over ice in glass. Garnish with thinly sliced oranges and fresh mint. Courtesy of Grand Marnier
The Belvedere Lemon & Basil 75 recipe says to place one ounce Belvedere Lemon & Basil, a half ounce honey water, a quarter ounce lemon juice, and a half ounce pressed apple juice in a cocktail shaker and shake over cubed ice. Strain into a chilled coupe and top with champagne.Courtesy of Belvedere Vodka
Start your morning with the Pisco Sour by adding two ounces each of Fresh Victor Mexican Lime & Agave and pisco to a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass with ice. Garnish with drops of Angostura bitters.Courtesy of Fresh Victor
Try a twist on the Bloody Mary with the Smokey Maria. Add two ounces Mezcal Amarás Verde and a half ounce lime juice to a tall glass with a bacon salt rim and fill with Demitri’s Chipotle Habanero Bloody Mary Mix. Garnish with a lime wheel, grilled pineapple, slice of serrano pepper, and mint sprig.Courtesy of Mezcal Amarás
The Ketel One Botanical Spritz is a quick and (I can personally confirm) delicious breakfast accompaniment. Combine one and a half ounces Ketel One Botanical (varietal of your choice) with three ounces club soda in a wine glass over ice. Garnish with seasonal botanicals.Photo by Johnny Fogg
The Sunrise Cliffs recipe says to add one and a half ounces Cutwater Gin, a half ounce Aperol, and three quarter ounces each of cantaloupe syrup, coconut yogurt, and lemon juice to a cocktail tin with pebble ice. Shake and pour into rocks glass. Top with ice and garnish with three frozen cantaloupe balls on a cocktail pick and a marigold flower.Courtesy of Cutwater

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