This New Photo Series Captures A Look At A “Dream Ride” In Rare Mercedes-Benz Cars

Now at Santo Gallery.

Photo By Daniel Malikyar / Courtesy Of Santo

Have you ever seen three Mercedes-Benz 300SL classics driving down the road at the same time? If you even know what that is, you’re probably thinking definitely not. But if the thought excites you, you’re in luck — that unicorn of a moment has actually been captured in a new collaboration between L.A.-based fine-art gallery Santo Gallery and Mercedes-Benz.

The series, which was revealed on Thursday, April 14, features some of the legacy brand’s rarest classic cars. So rare, in fact, that just 1,400 300SL Gullwings have ever been produced — demonstrating exactly why seeing three 300SL classics speeding down the road simultaneously is so unusual.

Yet that’s exactly what’s captured in this collection of photos. Daniel Malikyar, a co-founder of Santo who photographed the vivid, energetic scenes, wanted to present what he considered “a dream ride” in a Mercedes-Benz 300SL classic. Thus, his photos feature the cars zipping through scenic L.A. streets and the empty Malibu coast. (Which was no easy feat, mind you — specialized precision drivers were hired to handle the cars, and some streets were shut down just to capture them sans traffic. To get there, the vehicles were transported in an 18-wheeler from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, CA.) “The 300SL is a timeless work of art, my goal for the series was to capture the spirit of Mercedes-Benz.” said Malikyar in a statement.

Photo By Daniel Malikyar / Courtesy Of Santo

Malikyar’s unique vision and an unprecedented pairing of cars aren’t the only details that helped this shoot come together. The photographer brings an impressive career and years of honed skills to the scenes, which are obvious throughout the collection. Malikyar has shot and directed campaigns in 40-plus countries for massive brands like Nike, Google, and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, he’s worked as creative director for anonymous DJ and producer Marshmello, and is the co-founder of production company MGX CREATIVE. His expertise is evident throughout the nostalgic, sunny series, making it even more of a must-add to your collection.