Luxe Gift Guide For Every Valentine On Your List

We get it, not everyone is a huge fan of Valentines Day, but everyone is a fan of gifts. Here, 14 thoughtful presents for everyone from your BFF to your beau.


Valentine's Day Gifts For ALL The Loves In Your Life

Pink Rose


Veuve Clicquot

For Literally Anyone

Pink champagne? Anytime, anywhere!

For Your Long-Distance Beau

What could be better than gifting your significant other a pair of cheeky matching undies? Sleepover attire? We approve.

Men’s Printed Trunks



Women’s Printed Bikini Undies



Red Lips Iphone 6 Case


Stella McCartney

For Your BFF

Pay homage to your favorite sassy pal with an iPhone case they will surely adore.

Chocolate Romance Wine Pack


Give Wine

For The Heartbroken

What better remedy is there than wine and chocolate? This combo is perfect for anyone going through a break up.

Gold Heart Stud Earrings



For Your Girlfriend

Give the hopeless romantic in your life extra encouragement with these opulent, heart-shaped earrings.

The Looks of Love: 50 Moments in Fashion That Inspired Romance Book


Hal Rubenstein

For Your Fashion Friend

Hal Rubenstein—one of the greatest fashion editors ever—sent this book to Rachel Zoe and it has been admired by literally every single person visiting her office. Gift this coffee table book to any fashion lover to score some serious points in the chic department.

3 Pack Low Rise Thongs


Hanky Panky

For Your Sister

Any gift you want yourself is always perfect for your sister. Our advice: Buy two so you can keep one.

Colorful Pave Flowers



For Your Mom

Sending flowers to your mother is always a good idea. BloomNation sources local florists and shows pictures of the actual arrangement so you know exactly what you're sending.

Valentine’s Day Box


Homethrown Los Angeles

For The Kiddos

Get crafty with your favorite little valentine while making your own homemade ice cream! These darling kits are available to ship nationwide, so you can ensure you're nieces and nephews remember their favorite aunt/uncle.

Mini Cupcakes



For Your Brother

If your bro is in college or lives in a different city, send him something edible. A bundle of mini customized cupcakes are cute and delicious.

Monogram Stamps


Three Designing Women

For Your Dad

Whether your dad is an avid letter writer, or simply gets the bills paid on time—he'll love a customized stamp so his return address can be added to mail in a snap.

Digital Instant Print Camera In Red



For Your Grandmother

Grandmas cherish hard-copy photos, so take a bunch of mini Polaroids with your phone and we guarantee she'll be overjoyed.

For Your Grandfather

Chances are your Grandfather has fewer opportunities to get dressed up than he did in his youth, but flashy socks are a fun way to support his stylish tendencies.

Printed Blend Socks In ‘I Ain’t Scurred’


Pair Of Thieves

Printed Blend Socks In ‘Spotted Mind’


Pair Of Thieves

Printed Blend Socks In ‘You Micah Me Crazy!’


Pair Of Thieves

Small Gancio Lock Shoulder Bag


Salvatore Ferragamo

For You

Splurge on a beautiful color-blocked shoulder bag. After all, it is Valentine's Day and you're worth it.