This New Platform Gets You One-On-One Time With An Oprah-Approved Interior Designer

Expert advice, reimagined.

Courtesy of Intro

At the start of 2020, millions of people around the world sought to use their time cooped up at home to improve aspects of their lives: their homes, their health, their careers. But with physical contact limited, they had to turn to virtual solutions for help. This led to many digital-first ideas, such as The Expert, a company that offers calls with in-demand interior designers to get what used to be hard-to-access advice. And while many are returning to their normal, in-person activities, it seems this type of service isn’t going away. In fact, another new and notable one just launched on Nov. 17 — the Intro platform, which offers time with interior designers and much more so that non-celebrities can receive advice from renowned experts.

That means, yes, you can chat with interior designers such as Nate Berkus, who has famously worked with Oprah in the past, or Shawn Henderson, whose clients include Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer. However, on this platform, you’ll find more than professionals in the design industry. In fact, experts include fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe, celebrity hairstylist, Nicole Mangrum (who’s also worked with Oprah), celebrity fitness expert Sami Clarke, and more. And, there are new additions every day.

Courtesy of Intro

“Meeting the top experts in any field has always been a luxury reserved for the few. At Intro, we’re democratizing access so that everyone can get access to anyone,” said Intro CEO and founder Raad Mobrem in a press release. “Receiving personalized advice from a top expert in a safe and empowering space is the fastest way to get an answer, gain inspiration, or solve a problem.”

It’s not just access that makes Intro a valuable resource, though: It’s also easy to use. Click on any name on the site or app (which is currently on iOS), and it takes you to a booking page where you can learn about the person, read about what to expect from the session, and, depending on their availability, choose a time to talk and pay to book. Let’s be real, it’s not often setting up a time with a busy professional is that simple.

You can schedule time with an expert in fields including wellness, style, interior design, career, beauty, and more, now. (And through Nov. 25, the code LAUNCH20 will get you $20 off your first Intro session.) Head over to Intro’s site or download the app to get started.