How To Preserve Clothes & Keep Your Favorite Pieces In Tact

Protect your valuables.

how to store winter clothes

Clothing storage and preservation is a universal dilemma across the board, whether you’re a vintage-lover, avid keeper of a capsule wardrobe, or simply someone with a ton of clothing to store throughout the season. No matter how carefully you think an item is tucked away, the elements (bugs, dust, moisture) often find their way into the crevices of your closet to ruin the party. Which begs the question: How exactly does one preserve clothes properly? And what are the key essentials to keep on hand to ensure your favorite items remain in tact for years to come?

Well, a great place to begin is obviously moth-repelling items. Whether you opt for classic chemical mothballs or scented cedar blocks, these home staples will prove helpful and are a great starting line of defense for an all-too-common issue that can leave clothing full of holes and tears.

And for those who like to pack up clothes at the end of the season, items like vacuum bags and storage cubes are the way to go to ensure your clothing is free of dust and/or moisture and that you maximize space in your closet. A win-win!

It’s also important to remember that clothing and textiles are not the only things that need to be preserved. Accessories are valuable, too. This is where things like handbag files and acrylic shoe box organizers come in handy to keep your prized pieces in mint condition.

Luckily, properly preserving your clothes and accessories doesn’t need to be a huge (or even expensive) undertaking. Below, nine key items to keep your favorite style staples in tact for the long haul.

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How To Preserve Your Clothes

Keep pilling and lint at bay in between seasons with this easy-to-use device, which features a durable shaving head for efficient and safe use. The cordless design also allows for easy travel, moving it to the top of your packing list. This shaver comes with over 52,000 5-star ratings. “This fabric shaver is my new saving grace,” reads one review. “My shirts are now (almost) just like new.”

Keep your precious wedding gown (or any other valuable formal pieces) in tact with this convenient box which is designed for long-term storage and is suitable for traveling. It also comes with a dress preservation kit and includes 10 sheets of acid-free tissue paper. “This box worked perfectly to store my mother's wedding dress and also my own,” reads one rave review. “It even has a little slot in which I have put a photo of each of us wearing the dresses-for future generations to see. It came with acid free tissue paper that I used to separate the gowns. There was plenty of room in this sturdy box. It was just right.”

These dress garment bags are made of soft PEVA material which is durable, washable, and breathable, so your dresses and clothing are free of moisture and dust. Garment bags are also great for keeping clothing wrinkle-free and fresh in between use. “These garment bags are high quality, yet very affordable,” reviews one satisfied customer. “The closure zips up and down well. The garment kept inside is easily identified through the fabric. The length is great for a long dress and anything shorter. I also ordered a set with jacket-length bags. I keep all my out of season or dressy clothing in a bag to preserve their freshness.”

Protect and preserve your clothing naturally with lavender and cedar sachets which repel and deter moths from damaging your textiles in an eco-friendly way. Plus, the long-lasting lavender scent lends a lovely aroma that will stick to your clothing for months upon months. “Beautifully and environmentally packaged,” reads one rave review. “I felt so good opening this simple and tasteful recyclable cardboard box to find and smell the most beautiful sachets all tucked in so attractively! They smell so good!”

How To Store Your Accessories

Easy to hang on a closet door or wall, this handbag file features eight see-through pockets that provide clear views of your bags. The large slots allow your items to both breathe and fit comfortably sans unnecessary squishing or folding. “What a huge difference in my closet!” raves one reviewer. “I'm not much of a ‘neatnik’ by nature — though I prefer things tidy, if it's not handy to put things away I'm going to end up with a mess. This organizer really works for me — no more reaching to stash my bags out of the way on the top shelf or bending to shove them into a bin. No battling evil dust bunnies to get to the under-bed storage bin. I can just pop the bags into their slot, and that's it.”

Preserve and organize your precious footwear with these plastic boxes that keep your shoes free of dust. Also, the stackable design maximizes whatever space you’re working with, while the ventilation holes allow for air circulation and odor prevention. “Honestly does the job and helped organized my closet to the max,” reads one review. “I even fit six pairs of flat sandals in one bin; easy grab and go.”

These handbag storage bags are easy to hang and also offer full coverage of your handbags to ensure protection and preservation. They also include ventilation and can be used for a variety of accessories like scarves, gloves, blankets, etc. “Love these bags and love the fact I can see my bags while they are protected,” reads one rave review.

How To Save Space

This affordable pack of four bags includes an upgraded valve that works with most vacuum cleaners. And, each bag stores up to five pieces that can range from jackets and suits to coats and pants, making for a great winter storage essential. “I bought these for an upcoming move and it was a great purchase,” reads one review. “It saved so much room with packing my clothes and I was able to keep them on the hangers which made unpacking easier as well!”

Great for closet or under-the-bed storage, these box bags feature see-through windows in the front for easy identification. These are also totally odorless, so all your fabrics are completely protected from odor absorption. And, the soft fabric material allows for easy folding when not in use. “These are great,” raves one reviewer. “They are big and I got six of them. Now I can organize and store away things I won’t need for awhile. The material is waterproof and lightweight.”