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This Chic Yoga Outfit Makes Me Excited To Work Out

Namaste indeed.

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Confession: I struggled quite a bit with working out throughout the pandemic. I tried everything — virtual workouts, fancy at-home stationary bikes, scenic hikes with my pup Molly (who hates them with a fiery passion). And while I certainly had seasons of fitness-filled weeks here and there, they were inconsistent at best. In all honesty, I missed my community workouts, particularly hot yoga. Yes, for some, flowing through various poses in a 100-degree room sounds like a personal hell, for me it’s heaven on earth. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when, just as fitness studios were opening up again, my favorite hot yoga chain (Hot 8 Yoga) opened a location walking distance from my Brentwood, California apartment. Before the studio even opened to the public, I bought an unlimited membership and stocked up on all the hot yoga outfits that would help me get my mojo back ... in style.

And, speaking of fitness fashion, as it happens, there’s never been a better time for chic yoga apparel. Between the emergence of sultry, post-lockdown style and vibrant Barbiecore, workout sets are a far cry from the basic black leggings and sports bras of yesteryear. These days, anything goes, from candy-colored space-dye duos to strategically cut silhouettes and, of course, patterns galore.

And while this is all well and good, when you’re shopping for a hot yoga class, the search gets a bit more specific and intentional. With all the sweat and movement, moisture-wicking is a non-negotiable as are light-weight, breathable fabrics. As cute as they may be, thick cotton ribbed fabrics and rich velvety textures are a no-go for me in the studio. Not only do I sweat, but I sweat a lot — often before class has even started. And, 60 minutes later, I walk out of class looking like a post-swim seal. (Also, I avoid long-sleeved, too-loose tops that will flap around as I fly through sun salutations.)

All that said, I’ve definitely had luck in finding some hot yoga sets that strike the perfect balance of stylish and practical. And in addition to the heaping mental health benefits that the regular practice has brought me (not to mention the tush is looking pretty good these days!), these sassy little sets are also a great motivation for me to get moving, a fashionable reminder to take an hour or so for myself every day.

Below, find my most inspirational hot yoga sets that help me slay that chaturanga.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Short & Sweet

I love an easy, breezy basic set that gets the job done. Made with ultra-soft space dye material that features moisture-wicking and four-way stretch functionality, this navy duo is no-brainer for days I’m running late to class and need an easy outfit to throw on.

Peachy Keen

I love a candy-colored ensemble and this fun set delivers all the strawberry lemonade vibes. The sleek bra tank features built-in support for high-intensity workouts and the high-waist leggings offer all the comfort and support as I move through class.

Cold Shoulder

Some days I want to dress to impress, even when I workout, which is where this trend-forward, Y2K-inspired set comes in. The electric cerulean blue shade and one-shoulder sports bra make me feel like I’m in an early aughts Britney Spears music video ... does it get any better than that?

Just Groovy

With the psychedelic print trend still going strong, this groovy workout duo is a must to keep me stylish (and perky!) as ever while I sweat it out. Oh, and bonus points for the ultra-breathable mesh fabric that keeps me from overheating!

Mesh Madness

Although this set features a thicker mesh material, it works wonders in a hot yoga environment in that it allows for extra support and still feels breathable and lightweight. I also love the sweet lilac shade that makes for a colorful workout moment.


Never one to turn down a pink look, this new mix-and-match set from Set Active’s new Miami Collection features a chic halter/racerback sports bra with a bit more length for maximum support. Paired with the matching bike shorts and I’m living in an ‘80s dream.

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