6 Ways To Refresh Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

You’re already familiar with the, “New Year, New Me” concept, which means, as of today, you’ve probably already hit the gym, whipped up a super-clean meal in lieu of takeout, and said buh-bye to the toxic relationships that weighed you down last year. But besides refreshing your health and personal life, have you considered the impact a little home makeover could have on your revamped self? What if we told you that you could majorly spruce up your space without busting your budget (another important New Year’s resolution)? A few easy, affordable additions to your home can make a world of difference, and we’ve outlined a few of our favorites below.


Spruce Up Your Space



Possibly the oldest trick in the design book for good reason. Just a can of paint, a roller, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease could be all you need for a fresh new feel.



Swap out outdated or unsavory lighting fixtures, or forgo overhead lighting and scatter a few lamps (with flattering, ambience-creating bulbs), which you can find at budget-friendly retailers like Ikea and Target. If you're up for the hunt, you can also look for bargains at your local flea markets and antique stores.



Pro tip: If the plants at your local nursery are still too pricey, try checking Craigslist for a great dreal. And if you're low on indoor light, try succulents or research low-light-friendly options online.



Having art in your home doesn't have to be a luxury. Sites like Society6 offer hundreds of prints at totally affordable prices—even pre-framed options. Or if you're especially crafty, go for a DIY approach!



Make your bed, couch, or chairs infinitely more cozy and inviting with the addition of a few decorative pillows.



Admittedly wallpaper can be a bit pricey, but when used sparingly and strategically (like one statement wall in place of a headboard) it can create a dramatic difference without breaking the bank.