The Best Off-The-Registry Wedding Gifts

We get it, wedding registries often feel highly impersonal. Although the bride and groom technically need a set of measuring cups, you’re not alone if you have an overwhelming urge to buy them something more special. That said, if you’re going to deviate from their wishlist, you want to make sure your gift feels thoughtful and memorable instead of self-centered or downright lazy. Here, a few suggestions for going off-registry the right way.

Exceptional Wedding Gifts

Personalize It

A personalized gift—whether it's monogrammed, engraved or embroidered—is always special. Even small gifts, like powder-room towels with the couple's new monogram, deliver a high impact. If you want to chip in on a shared gift, Tiffany & Co. provides a service that will copy the art of the wedding invitation and engrave it onto a crystal ice bucket. Now that's one-of-a-kind!

Go Timeless

No matter what the size of your house, you can never have too many throw blankets. Since nesting is a major part of a new couples' first year together, get them a wool or cashmere blanket to cozy up with. Add copies of their favorite DVDs to the package and you have a gift that is both thoughtful and lasting.

Do Research

A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to amazing presents. Find out if there's a favorite restaurant the bride and groom are obsessed with—perhaps it's the one where they first met, or got engaged at—and give them a gift certificate. What could be better than date night at your favorite oyster shack?

Photo: L&E Oyster Bar

Sign Them Up

Help the newlyweds keep the honeymoon going by signing them up for a wine or champagne membership club. It's not exactly as immediate as room service, but equally as festive since bubbly is delivered straight to your doorstep. Club W has packages starting at $50 a month (for 3 bottles of wine) and Fat Cork starts at $99 a month (for 2 bottles of champagne).