5 Easy Tricks For A Super-Organized Closet

So you’ve built a collection of clothing and accessories you’re proud of, and that’s where the work stops, right? Wrong. No matter how big or small your wardrobe may be, it’s rewarding to have a well-tended closet—not to mention that when it’s actually organized, getting dressed in the morning is that much easier (we all know the struggle of frantically searching for that one crucial missing item). Who better to tap for insider tips than Coveteur, whose team enters the closets of the well-dressed glitterati for a living? Here, editorial director Laurel Pantin shares the five basic rules everyone—famous or not—should abide by to achieve a perfectly put-together closet.

Khloé Kardashian's closet. Photo: Courtesy of Coveteur

Organize By Color

"If you, like Khloé Kardashian, have a substantial ... klothing kollection ... organize by color. It'll look much nicer than having everything jumbled, and it'll make getting dressed in the morning a lot easier."

Jessica Alba's closet. Photo: Courtesy of Coveteur

Invest In A System

"Jessica Alba relies on clear containers to keep her bag collection organized, and you can apply this method to anything you have in multiples, especially things that are off-season. Print photos for the front of each bin so you know what's inside without having to dig through it. This is a substantial time and money investment, but it'll definitely pay off in sanity down the road!"

Gayle King's closet. Photo: Courtesy of Coveteur

Get Creative

"If you have a lot of earrings, like Gayle King, get creative with how you store and display them. For things that can get easily tangled or damaged (earrings, necklaces, scarves, tights), think about what method makes sense for you and the way you get dressed, and go from there. For example, having loose tights in my sock drawer makes me crazy—they're just the right combination of stretchy and delicate that's impossible to deal with. Every season, I put all my tights in Ziploc bags with labels on the front describing them. It saves me an ongoing headache during the winter."

Shay Mitchell's closet. Photo: Courtesy of Coveteur

Treat Your Shoes Like Art

"Display them well, and give them space to breathe, like Shay Mitchell does. While most of us can't do full-on built-ins, consider using a bookshelf or even a shoe storage shelf to keep them organized. Not piling them in a heap on the floor of your closet will help preserve their life. And it'll be easier to see what you have, ideally keeping you from buying more than you need (although this doesn't seem to actually work for me)."

Hollie Wattman's closet. Photo: Courtesy of Coveteur

Use One Kind Of Hanger

"This seems minor, but it makes a huge difference. Invest in flocked huggable hangers, like these we found in designer Hollie Watman's closet. They're super thin so you can fit more in your closet, and the fuzzy texture prevents clothing from slipping off. They also create an organized, uniform look and help keep everything tidy."