Pieces Every 30-Something Should Have In Her Home

In theory, your 30s are when you’ve finally gotten your life together. In reality, you’re probably still figuring a few things out—and that’s totally okay. But your 30s are synonymous with a certain level of adult-ness, and your home should reflect that. These are the items every 30-something should have in their home.


A Real Sofa

Time to donate your hand-me-down futon, and invest in something sturdy and stylish.

A Legitimate Mattress

The lifespan of a mattress is only 10 to 12 years, so chances are pretty high that it's time to get a new one. Helix offers customized mattresses at affordable prices (and, if you want to get real adult with your sleep situation, they just launched customizable pillows).

Seasonal Bedding

Have you ever heard a more adult phrase than "seasonal bedding?" This means lighter sheets for the summer and cozier, warmer sheets for winter. Choose something linen or cotton for warm months; flannel and sateen are suited for winter.

Matching Dinnerware

Because there's a high probability that you will throw a dinner party at some point.

Matching Towels

Ditch the towels you've been randomly collecting since college, and buy yourself a set of plush, grownup towels (bonus points if you get hand towels, too).

A Vacuum

And not just a little handheld, but an actual vacuum with power.

Wine Glasses

A set of stemless wine glasses works for both red and white varieties.