This Genius Idea Will Change The Way You Paint Your Home

Interior designer and TV personality Jeremiah Brent (you can watch him on OWN and TLC) has transformed spaces across the country with his distinctive California Modern style. Now, he’s using his expertise to help celebrity makeup artist Sarah Uslan find her perfect paint color with the help of Benjamin Moore. (FYI: She goes with Cedar Key and Chantilly Lace.) Since the color of your walls sets the tone of your entire room, it’s important to choose a color that you won’t get tired of in a few weeks.

That’s where the Benjamin Moore Live With It First banner comes in. It allows you to spend a week with your paint color of choice to see if you’d be comfortable living with it. How, you ask? It’s an online banner in your selected paint color that appears while you browse the internet—so you can practice living with it.

Not loving the color after a few days? It’s easy to change your banner to a new one. And since the banner gives you all the information about your selected shade, it’s easy to head to your local Benjamin Moore retailer and purchase a physical color sample to swatch on your walls.

See Jeremiah and the banner in action, above.


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