The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Expecting Moms

With Mother’s Day approaching, don’t forget to include expecting moms in your round up of special ladies that deserve some TLC. Alicia Silverstone’s new book, The Kind Mama, is a thoughtful little pressie for mothers-to-be as it’s full of inspiration including energy boosting recipes during pregnancy, tips on what baby “stuff” you actually need and the importance of “laying in” post-delivery. Alicia tells us, “My own experience was made all the richer by going the Kind Mama route and I became passionate about giving women the tools they’d need in order to get pregnant (without drama!) and enjoy a super healthy, super vibrant, soul- satisfying pregnancy, birth, and mama-hood.” Alicia’s positive approach and empowering words of wisdom are exactly what all expecting mothers need – making the book a perfect baby shower gift.

Availability: The Kind Mama, $19

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