Want To Work Remotely From An Exotic Destination? Check Out These Travel Companies

Your office just got an upgrade.

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A young woman works on her laptop at a wooden table overlooking the misty mountain jungles of Doi Su...

Just as the name implies, with Unsettled, you don’t have to settle for staying in one location for too long (though you can if you prefer!). It’s for travelers of all ages, and you can get away for a week, two weeks, or a month at a time, in locales like Tuscany, Patagonia, and Bali.


Whether you want to work remotely for a week, a month, four months, or a year — and you’re at least 21 — you can do so with Remote Year. You can spend four months in four countries or 12 in an “around the world” journey, exploring a new country each month, from Mexico to Portugal to Japan (for example).

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