The Most Popular Dessert Recipe On Pinterest Is A Fun Twist On A Campfire Classic

Is it just us, or does everyone turn into an Instagram-goddess-entertaining expert in the summertime? Your Insta feed is probably filled with gorgeous tablescapes and the delicious BBQ food your friends are making that also happens to look beautiful. Meanwhile, you’re lucky if you find the time to hack a healthier Trader Joe’s frozen meal (not exactly pretty to photograph). Put them all to shame with Strawberry S’mores, a Pinterest-popular recipe that looks adorable and is incredibly easy to make.

Recipe author: Cookies And Cups

Ingredients: 2 pints strawberries 1½ cups melted milk chocolate ½ bag marshmallows Long toothpicks

Directions: Full recipe instructions can be found here. (Don’t worry, if you can spear things with a toothpick, you’ll be fine.)