8 Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

They’re always planning their next meal. They always know the coolest restaurants and use the phrase “gastronomic delight” without a hint of irony. They believe the greatest love language of all is food. Here, eight gifts that will please the palate of even the most discerning foodie.


Gifts For The Foodie


This rare whiskey is aged in handpicked Spanish oak sherry seasoned casks (try saying that three times fast).

Sur La Table

The magic of pink Himalayan salt in serving-tray form.

Moet & Chandon

It's safe to assume the foodie in your life will know exactly what flavors this classic champagne will pair best with.

Hot sauce is its own food group, right?


This limited-edition, gorgeously designed bottle holds one liter of Patron Silver tequila—yes, you read that right.


The modern design of these cutters is sure to please both cheese aficionados and Instagram hostesses alike.

Williams Sonoma

A delicate blend of sweet honey and earthy truffle a distinguished palate is sure to enjoy.


This gorgeous cookbook by Athena Calderone, creator of EyeSwoon, features step-by-step directions for preparing and presenting an Instagram-worthy meal.