How To Gift Alcohol Like A Grown-Up

Being able to select a thoughtful gift in a liquor store is particularly valuable at this time of year, when last minute invitations come thick and fast and you’re frantically searching for a gift for your uncle/father/cousin/coworker. In order to help you narrow down the multitude of options, we’ve curated a tasteful guide for the drinkers in your life. Simply order a few of these to have on-hand or ship them directly to friends and relatives with the knowledge they’ll enjoy them with you in mind.

Jason Maughan

Give Great Gifts

Marta Pozzan wears a Delpozo sweater and Anne Sisteron earrings.

For The Moonshine Enthusiast

Nothing beats this cool packaging.

For The Rum Enthusiast

Straight from Kauai, this award winning rum brand never disappoints.

For The Mezcal Enthusiast

Working closely with the Oaxacan village where it's made, this clean Mezcal brand provides jobs and supports the local economy.

For The Red Wine Enthusiast

A rich, crowd-pleasing Napa valley wine that'll even impress those with the most discerning palettes.

For The Gin Enthusiast

Shake up their rotation with a bottle from this new small Australian distillery.

For The Scotch Enthusiast

A blended, aged scotch will be cherished for special occasions.

For The Vodka Enthusiast

Small batch American vodka made with fresh ingredients in Northern California.

For The Bourbon Enthusiast

Using a family recipe from the 1800s, Bulleit has won awards for its complex flavor.

For The Everything Enthusiast

A changing subscription box will introduce them to new and unique beverages.

For The Wine Enthusiast

A chic bottle opener will be endlessly appreciated.