How To Throw An Unforgettable Summer Party (With Little Effort)

When you peruse interior designer/lifestyle guru/author Emily Henderson’s Instagram feed, it’s impossible not to swoon. In addition to the impeccably designed bedrooms and living rooms, there’s also tablescapes that look like something out of our entertaining dreams (read: beautiful, but impossible for us mere mortals to pull off). But, as it turns out, you don’t need to spend hours prepping and attempting to DIY things you found on Pinterest in order to throw an Insta-worthy summer gathering.

We caught up with the interior designer for the celebration of the new Clos Du Bois Lightly Bubbled Wines, and she shared her easy entertaining tips with us. Number one: “Don’t sweat the small stuff! Entertaining should ultimately be easy and enjoyable for you and your guests,” she says.

Keep reading for the rest of her easy entertaining tips.


Emily Henderson's Entertaining Tips

"Right now, I am all about the art of easy entertaining! I love taking simple summer staples and elevating them just a few extra ingredients," Emily says.

For summer, she's into elevated picnic fare. Don't let the term "elevated" scare you, though. This literally just means to take something that's already easy to make, like oven-baked fries, and upgrading them with truffle oil, goat cheese and sage. She's also into BLTs with avocado. Another pro tip: Make all the food bite-sized, so it's easier to eat while mingling.

Playing bartender is probably not how you anticipate spending your soirée. Luckily, Emily is feeling sparkling wine for summer parties, which requires minimal effort on your part. Plus, it's a universal truth that everyone loves bubbly. If they don't, you should probably go ahead and uninvite them. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

"For drinks, my summer favorites are the new Clos du Bois Lightly Bubbled Rosé and Chardonnay. I love this California twist on classic still wines, and the hint of bubbles pairs perfectly with all my favorite summer recipes. Light, crisp and easy to enjoy—what more could you need?"

"I am always entertaining people and preparation is key! I love to incorporate DIY activities as a unique way to keep things fun—and also to serve as beautiful decor!"

If this has you thinking, wait this is too much effort, not to fear. You basically just have to supply the ingredients and let your guests do the rest.

"By setting up DIY floral stations, guests can create their own wine charms to keep track of their glasses throughout the evening and also create their own floral table arrangement using recycled berry baskets," she says.

"I am all about perfecting presentation in an organic and approachable way," Emily says. "For my easy truffle fries, I like to serve in individual paper cones so guests can grab and go as they please. A wire cone rack or utensil holder is also an easy and elegant way to display the cones," she explains.

"For drinks, I recommend offering frozen swizzle sticks to keep your wine cold and refreshing without watering down. I freeze an array of fresh fruit beforehand and then create using bamboo sticks! The result is a flavorful treat that also looks beautiful in a glass of wine."