9 White Elephant Gifts People Will Actually Fight Over

Every year, the prospect of the dreaded white elephant gift exchange brings to mind that episode of The Office wherein Michael Scott brings an iPod (haha what’s an iPod, am I right?) and chaos ensues. Even without an iPod in the mix, there’s always one gift everyone tries to diabolically scheme away from supposed loved ones. Seriously, how is this a holiday game? It’s designed for people who like to watch the world burn. But since there’s a 95% chance you’re going to attend a white elephant gift exchange this year—a number we arrived at in a completely scientific and not-made-up manner—we rounded up nine gifts to bring. We know gift giving is “not a competition” but bring one of these and you’ll totally win.


White Elephant Gifts


Chaos is a ladder—or, in this case, a Fenty Beauty highlighter.


10/10 would use our steal for these socks.


This cold brew coffee maker is sure to inspire some Game of Thrones–level scheming.

Unicorn. Slippers. With. Foot. Warmers. We've seen friendships end over less.

This Works

More than a third of Americans don't get enough sleep (actual statistic), which means 35% of the people in your white elephant group are going to do battle over this snooze-inducing set.


Three booze-inspired flavors that will be the undoing of at least one BFF-ship.


The person who walks away with this game will probably end up playing it with a different set of friends.

Jennifer Fisher

To cause a rift in your bougie-est friend group.

Organic To Green

Because it's 2017 and everyone needs all the help de-stressing they can get.