The One Thing Every Fashion Girl Needs This Weekend

If you show up to a pool party this Fourth of July weekend without a rainbow unicorn or an inflatable watermelon, are you really living your best life? According to Instagram, probably not. Here, we’ve rounded up the must-have floats of 2017—grab one now so you can snap it first!


Photo-Ready Pool Floats


The Banana

There's always money in the banana float.


The OG Swan

Aka the float that started it all.

Urban Outfitters

The Trendy Fruit

Just when you think avocados can't possibly get any better.

Urban Outfitters

The Donut



The Seahorse

Add a glass of rosé and you have all the makings of a perfect Instagram pic.


The Rainbow Unicorn

Because, obviously.


The Toucan

Stand out from the flock.


The Pineapple

Decidedly less controversial as a float than as a pizza topping.


The Millennial Pink Flamingo

Shay Mitchell was spotted on this trendy pink float at Revolve's Coachella party. (Read: We've already added to cart.)


The Tropical Print

If birds and food don't float your, er, float, try this just-as-'grammable option printed with banana leaves.

Urban Outfitters

The Margarita

Bonus points for sipping a coordinating cocktail.

Urban Outfitters

The Popsicle

An ode to your favorite childhood treat.


The Lips

The sassiest option on the list.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Luxe Flamingo

Rose-gold flamingo. Enough said.


The Watermelon

Arguably summer's cutest fruit.