50 Clever Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Ratings That You Never Knew You Needed

Pure genius.

Written by Natalie Gale
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On Amazon, it’s hard to know what products are legitimate, and which one’s aren’t. That’s why our shopping editors have curated this list of 50 helpful items on Amazon that actually live up to the hype. These products with near-perfect Amazon ratings are guaranteed to do exactly what you need them to do — and in this case, all the items on this list will absolutely make your life a bit easier. From tons of home organization solutions to TikTok-approved beauty products to nifty gadgets for the home chef, each of these clever items has thousands of positive ratings from real-life customers to back it up. You’re about to find your next holy grail product that you won’t remember how you lived without.


These Cool Rose-Shaped Ice Cube Molds

Are you prepping for the perfect little garden party picnic that you’ve already creative directed in your head? You’ll probably want to snag one of these rose-shaped ice molds to make adorable ice cube garnishes for cocktails and other drinks. And they’re not just for drinks — they’re made of food-grade silicone so you can also use them to make rose-shaped soaps, chocolates, jellies, or cakes.


A Body Lotion That You Apply On Wet Skin In The Shower

Dermatologist-recommended Curél makes a convenient, in-shower lotion so you can step out of the shower moisturized instead of stripped. The fragrance-free lotion replenishes and restores skin with ceramides, and it’s been granted the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. The in-shower application means you can slather it on in the shower, towel off, and go — perfect for those mornings when you’re short on time.


This Travel-Friendly Mirror That Magnifies & Lights Up

This travel makeup mirror makes it easy to do your makeup perfectly, even when you’re on the road. The lighted mirror has three settings — white light, natural light, and warm light, and you can adjust the brightness level, too. The mirror is easily rechargeable, and it also comes with a 10X magnifying mirror for an extra close-up view.


The Reusable Paper Towels With A Cult-Like Following

Cut back on your paper towel usage with these best-selling reusable Swedish dishcloths. Available in nine colors, the super-absorbent cellulose-based towels can be used on almost any kitchen or bathroom surface for all your cleaning needs. There are 10 cloths included in a pack, and each cloth can be machine-washed and reused up to 100 times, making for the ultimate eco-friendly paper towel alternative.


An Eyelash Comb To Brush Through Mascara Clumps

Say goodbye to clumpy lashes with MSQ’s eyelash comb. The days of going in to separate clumped up mascara with a safety pin (eek!) are over thanks to this ingenious little tool — it has thirty tiny prongs that perfectly separate lashes and remove excess mascara that can create flakes and clumps. It comes with a cap for easy storage and travel, and reviewers love how the comb is easy to use and leaves lashes with a natural look.

  • Available colors: 5


A Neat Way To Organize Your Pot & Pan Collection

Do you struggle to keep your kitchen cabinets organized? Check out this eight-tier pots and pans organizer to help keep your cookware neat and easy to access. You can configure it vertically or horizontally, and the shelves are adjustable to fit any size pot or pan. The racks have non-slip rubber grips, too, so your cookware stays secure.


This Complexion-Perfecting BB Cream That Adjusts To The Tone Of Your Skin

For an effortlessly put-together look, reach for this L’Oréal BB cream — a tinted cream that smooths out your skin’s texture and provides all-day moisture. It’s formulated to adjust to any skin tone, so it’ll create the perfect custom shade for you, and it’s infused with vitamins C and E to promote healthy skin. It’s a great primer underneath makeup, or you can wear it alone for those no-makeup makeup days. It comes in four blendable shades, along with anti-redness and anti-fatigue options.

  • Available shades: 6


A Travel-Friendly Jewelry Box That Fits A Surprising Amount Inside

Tired of having to untangle your necklaces every time you travel? This travel jewelry box organizer has seven slot rolls, three boxes, and an earring compartment to keep everything separate. It’s only 3.75 by 3.75 inches, so it’ll slip nicely into your travel bag, and it even has a convenient mirror. It has over 8,000 five-star Amazon ratings, and reviewers rave about how well-made it is.

  • Available colors: 9


The Best-Selling Veggie Chopper With *So* Many Capabilities

Dinner prep just got a whole lot easier with this 13-in-1 vegetable chopper. The chopper easily dices, minces, or shreds veggies with its stainless steal blades. It catches and stores the veggies in its attached container, eliminating the need for a cutting board, and is easily cleaned with its attached scrubbing fork. Among its thirteen attachments are a grater, a mincer, a mandolin slicer, and an egg white separator.


These Food Storage Containers That Prolong The Life Of Your Produce

Another efficient food waste-reducer: these Rubbermaid produce savers. They have FreshVent technology to regulate airflow and help your produce stay fresher for longer, and their design makes it easy to stack and organize hard-to-store items like berries and sliced fruit. Each set includes four dishwasher-safe produce savers, and they have thousands of five-star Amazon ratings.


This Rotating Cosmetics Organizer That’ll Make Your Bathroom Feel Celeb-Worthy

Need a little extra bathroom storage? (Because really, who doesn’t?) This 360-degree rotating makeup organizer gives your space the organization it deserves, with seven adjustable layers and a super easy set-up. It has a non-slip bottom and rotates smoothly and silently, so you can easily access all of your cosmetics in one place.


These Satin Pillowcases That Feel Like Silk

With an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 285,000 reviewers, these satin pillowcases have been called a “beauty sleep must-have” and one of reviewers’ “best purchases on Amazon.” The gentle, cooling satin mimics real silk to minimize friction on your hair and skin while you sleep — but does so at a fraction of the cost and in ample color options.

  • Available sizes: Standard — Body
  • Available colors: 37


A Set Of LED Night Lights With An Attractive Antique Look

Up your home’s ambiance with these LED vintage nightlights. They plug into the wall and have light-sensing technology so they’ll automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. The lights have a decorative hood and cage for a rustic, farmhouse-y vibe, and the LED function means you’ll never have to replace the lightbulb.


This Soothing & Depuffing Ice Roller That Also Helps With Other Ailments

It turns out that cryotherapy isn’t just for athletes recovering after a workout session — it’s also loved by derms and estheticians for its anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin. This ice roller, when stored in the freezer, depuffs and cools your face, stimulating blood flow and providing a temporary tightening effect. Reviewers also use it to help relieve sinus pain, tension headaches, migraines, and more.

  • Available colors: 5


This Silicone Holder To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Protected & Clean

This silicone travel makeup brush holder means you can easily keep your brushes clean and organized at your vanity or while you’re on the go. It’s big enough to hold all your brushes, no matter their size, but small enough to slip into your toiletry bag. It’s super user-friendly, too, with a convenient magnetic closure and a silicone body that’s easy to keep clean.

  • Available colors: 14


These Clever Covers For Your Half-Used Produce

Minimize food waste with these reusable silicone food savers. The pack comes with five food savers in different sizes, perfect for preserving the cut end of any size produce, from bananas to grapefruit. They’re made of premium food-safe silicone that’s easy to clean, and each food saver hugs inward to ensure a snug fit.


A Portable Humidifier That You Can Even Take In Your Car

Do you have dry skin or an itchy throat? You’ll feel a huge difference with this convenient, portable cool mist humidifier. The compact design means you can put it anywhere — in the car, on your desk during the workday, and on your bedside table at night. Ideal for drier climates, it helps you fine-tune the humidity of your surroundings, even keeping houseplants healthier, too. It also functions as a nightlight, perfect for bedtime use.


These Plastic Containers That Organize All Your Drawer Clutter

Organize your makeup, toiletries, office supplies, junk drawer items, or kitchen utensils. These clear plastic organizers look especially sleek in your drawers, but they come in four different sizes so you can create custom-like compartments for your clutter. The set even includes silicone pads, which you can stick onto the bottoms to make the containers non-slip.


A Nifty Little Organizer For Your Lip Glosses & Liquid Lipsticks

There’s no such thing as too many lip products — until you find yourself with too many lip products. Thankfully, this lip gloss organizer helps you keep them all neat and tidy with 27 slots, perfect for holding lip gloss, liquid lipstick, or even makeup brushes, mascara, and eyeliner. Plus, it’ll only take up 9 inches in your bathroom drawer.


This Wine Chiller Stick That Also Aerates Your Wine

This wine chiller set will completely revolutionize your next dinner party — the three-piece set includes a foil cutter, a stopper, and a drip-free pourer and aerator with a cooler rod. The rod keeps pre-chilled white at a perfect drinking temperature, or brings down room-temp red to the ideal cellar temperature (57 degrees or so). It’s perfect for on-the-go gatherings, too, like picnics.


This Clever Organizer For Your Go-To Tote Bag

Never dig around the bottom of your purse for your keys again with this purse organizer insert. It comes in six different sizes to slide perfectly into your pocketbook, giving your bag body and giving you tons of pockets and slots to fit your phone, wallet, lipsticks, hand cream, headphones, keys, and more — and it has a whopping 18,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 16


A Set Of 5 Packing Cubes To Streamline The Way You Pack

Make your next big trip a breeze to pack for with Shacke Pak’s packing cubes. The five-pack set comes with four mesh cubes and one dirty laundry bag, helping you get the most out of your luggage. The mesh cubes keep clothings wrinkle-free and organized, so you can maximize your suitcase space — and they have an almost perfect Amazon rating.

  • Available colors: 9


A Useful Citrus Squeezer For Lemons, Limes, & Oranges

You’ll never waste another drop of citrus juice again with this handy little two-in-one citrus squeezer — the patented design means you can easily juice lemons, limes, and small oranges. The Amazon best-seller is easy on your hands and has a built-in strainer for seeds and pulp, so you can squeeze the juice directly into a cocktail, salad dressing, guac, or wherever else you need it.


A Hair Towel Scrunchie That’s *So* Useful For The Beach Or Pool

From hair care brand Kitsch, these microfiber hair towel scrunchie two-packs help dry damp hair and reduce unwanted frizz. They’re perfect for throwing your hair up without damaging it after the pool or beach, or for getting a head start on dry time so you can avoid using a blowdryer for so long. Pro tip: use them on your wrists to prevent water dripping down your arms when you wash your face!

  • Available colors: 6


A Makeup Palette Organizer That Looks Sleek, Too

Keep your vanity clear and your makeup organized with this acrylic makeup palette organizer. The organizer has eight thin compartments, perfect for storing lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, and compacts — but each divider is removable, so you can easily adjust the organizer to fit bigger products like foundations, moisturizers, and perfumes.


This Rechargeable Mini Fan That Doubles As A Power Bank

If you have a tendency to overheat, this handheld mini fan (available in five color options) is a genius purchase. It’s USB-rechargeable for a battery life of up to 21 hours, and its foldable base fits in your pocket and doubles as a stand and extender. It even has a built-in flashlight and power bank for charging your phone.

  • Available colors: 5


A Salad Dressing Shaker & Dispenser In One

If you’re a fan of fresh, homemade salads, you’ll probably want to add this salad dressing shaker to your kitchen gadget lineup. The small, one-cup capacity means it’s easy to store and to shake with one hand, and it has a watertight, leak-proof seal and an easy-pour spout. It’s also great for making marinades or any sauce that doesn’t require a blender. Plus it’s dishwasher-safe.


A Cute Little Book To Organize Your Recipes

Tired of flipping through your phone while cooking, or getting precious recipe cards dirty? This three-ring recipe binder is a game-changer for home cooks, helping you keep your recipe cards handy, easy to access, and clean. It comes with duel-sided recipe cards in a cute design of your choice, perfect for creating an heirloom piece that’ll last for years — Amazon reviewers note how sturdy it is.

  • Available patterns: 12


The Viral Way To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Create the perfect heatless curls with Kitsch’s satin heatless curling set. It’s easy to throw in before bed, and you’ll wake up to effortless curls each morning with no damaging from heat styling. The set comes with one flexible rod and two satin scrunchies to secure your hair, and many reviewers note that it’s the best heatless curler they’ve used. This heatless method of curling your hair has gone viral recently, too.

  • Available colors: 2


A Genius Way To Organize Your Cleaning & Gardening Tools

Keep your cleaning supplies and tools organized and out of the way with this wall-mountable garden tool organizer. The 15-inch holder has six hooks and five spring-loaded slots, perfect for hanging brooms and dusters in the home, trowels and rakes in the shed, or snow shovels and squeegees in the garage. And it boasts 40,000 five-star Amazon ratings.


This Skin-Smoothing Primer That Feels Like Putty

Beauty editors and TikTokers alike love the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer for its ability to smooth out pores, blur imperfections, and leave skin perfectly prepped for makeup application. The primer uses squalane to moisturize and balance sebum production, and its velvety texture glides over the skin while gripping onto makeup for all-day hold.


These Taco Holders That Are A *Must* For Tuesday Nights

Tacos make for perfect bites for entertaining, but they’re also notoriously messy to assemble and serve. But with this four-pack of stainless steel taco holders, you can easily serve up to 12 tacos with a restaurant-quality presentation. Boasting a 4.8-star rating after thousands of reviews, these dishwasher-safe taco stands are also great for crisping up shells in the oven since they’re grill- and oven-safe. They’re offered in three stainless steel designs, from solid to wired — although there’s something about the featured metal design that feels especially photo-ready.


These Rug Corner Grippers That Prevent Curling, Slipping, & Sliding

More than 11,000 shoppers have awarded these rug grippers a perfect five-star rating for effectively eliminating trip hazards and those dreaded corner curls. The easy-to-apply adhesive grippers can be used on hardwood floors, tile, marble, and concrete to keep area rugs and runners firmly in place, with no “lift” whatsoever — even with rambunctious pets. Shoppers also confirm that the grippers don’t leave any sticky residue behind.


An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller Made Of Volcanic Stone

A cult-fave drugstore find with more than 30,000 five-star Amazon ratings (and counting), this small but effective face roller banishes oil using a tip made of real volcanic stone. As a less wasteful alternative to blotting papers, roll it right over your makeup to eliminate shine for a matte finish. An added bonus? Fans love how using it feels like a mini facial massage. Plus, it’s endlessly reusable thanks to its easy-to-clean design.


These Touch-Sensitive Puck Lights That You Can Stick Anywhere

Elevate the look of your kitchen, closet, and more with these fan-favorite puck lights that add elegant lighting anywhere. They adhere easily under shelves but also come with screws if you’re looking to mount them for a more permanent setup. They tap on for convenience and have a battery run time up to 100 minutes. Note: You’ll need to provide the three AA batteries for each light.


This 4-In-1 Tool For Quick, Easy Ingredient Prep

Chop onions, spiralize zucchini, julienne carrots, and make ribbons of potatoes. This vegetable chopper has four interchangeable stainless steel blades that make ingredient prep a breeze. Best of all, your vegetables end up in the BPA-free container for mess-free pouring or storage, and the set includes the tools you’ll need for safety and easy clean-up.


This Handheld Milk Frother For DIY Coffee-Shop Favorites

“This has changed my world,” one reviewer raved about the Bean Envy milk frother. “The moment that delicious, coffee shop-quality foam hits my upper lip: euphoria. Absolute bliss.” Its battery-operated motor and stainless steel whisk create a foamy, creamy texture in under 30 seconds — and it can also be used for blending protein shakes, mixing hot chocolate, and beating eggs.

  • Available colors: 8


A Bra You Can Wear 5 Different Ways

A comfortable strapless bra that actually stays put is a rare find indeed. But this one from Maidenform does all that and more, thanks to its convertible straps that let you wear it five different ways, including as a halter, racerback, one-shoulder, standard, and of course, strapless. One shopper gave it the ultimate endorsement: “I actually forgot it was strapless.”

  • Available sizes: 34A — 40DD
  • Available colors: 3


These Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Keep Your Drink Nice & Cold

This highly rated set of stemless wine glasses is perfect for outdoor entertaining, picnics, and even indoor use, with more than a few reviewers noting they were great for cocktails, too. The dishwasher-safe stainless steel glasses are designed to keep drinks colder longer, and they’re completely shatterproof. They’re also offered in a tumbler style that comes with a lid.

  • Available colors: 25


A Redness-Relieving Night Cream So You Wake Up To Soothed, Clear Skin

This fragrance-free night cream is formulated with nourishing vitamins as well as licorice extract, caffeine, and allantoin for soothing red, irritated skin — it’s no surprise it’s an absolute favorite of those with dry, sensitive skin and conditions like rosacea. One shopper raved, “Very good moisturizer and I normally pay 10x this for good department store brands.” Several reviewers also reported that they use it to soothe retinol irritation.


An Electric Salt & Pepper Set That Requires No Buttons

One of cooking’s small hassles can be having to grind more salt and pepper whenever you need fresh seasoning. Enter this electric pepper and salt grinder set that requires no buttons; just flip and the grinding begins. A gravity sensor light lets the grinder know when to start, and you can even adjust the coarseness levels. Each grinder calls for six AAA batteries (not included).


These Reusable, Non-Stick Baking Cups Made From Silicone

Simplify clean-up, make your kitchen more eco-friendly, and display your cupcakes in bright, colorful liners. These reusable baking cups are made from non-stick, BPA-free silicone. As a result, they’ll protect your baking pans without the need for cooking spray and you can just toss them in the dishwasher when you’re done.


A Professional Grater That Reviewers Use Almost Every Day

This professional grater is a best-seller with an average 4.8-star rating from over 35,000 reviewers, and customers find themselves using it “almost every day.” Its razor-sharp stainless steel blade quickly and easily zests citrus, shreds chocolate, and grates cheese, garlic, and ginger, while its handle is non-slip and ergonomically shaped. It also comes with a plastic cover so you won’t hurt yourself while reaching for it in the drawer.


This Drink Holder That Attaches To Most Shiny Surfaces

The 30 Watt Sudski drink holder was designed to hold your beer while you’re in the shower or your soda while you’re in the bath. That said, its engineer-developed silicone also grips other shiny surfaces, like glass, mirrors, finished metal, marble, and sleek plastics. That way, you can also attach it to your boat, cooler, or workshop cart — and since it’s self-draining, you don’t have to worry about emptying it should it get wet.

  • Available colors: 8


A Fridge Whiteboard That’s So Handy For Reminders, Schedules, Chore Charts, & More

It’s hard to beat a fridge whiteboard for keeping track of the week’s activities. This magnetic whiteboard will always be right where you can see it, with a big 17-by-11 inch dry erase surface that’s also stain-resistant. Four markers and an eraser also come with the board. Choose from four sizes, including an extra-large option.

  • Available sizes: 4


This Scalp Massager With Interchangeable Bristles For Wet & Dry Use

This scalp massager set comes with two interchangeable heads: one with pointed bristles for thorough shampooing in the shower, and one with rounded nodes for dry massages. The ergonomic handle allows for a secure, controlled grip in your palm, while the bristles are silicone for a gentle but effective boost of circulation. “I didn't know how much I needed a good scalp massage until I used this,” one reviewer wrote.


A Rechargeable Candle Lighter Perfect For Those Tall Candles

This rechargeable candle lighter is useful when your favorite candle’s burned down, and you’re trying to reach deep into the jar to light it. Rechargeable via USB, once it’s powered up, the lighter’s long wand helps protect fingers while lighting not just candles, but fire pits, BBQs, and more. “I’ve had mine for a few months now and only needed to charge it twice,” one reviewer shared. “It’s a must have for candle lovers and would make a great gift.”


This Pretty Cup Holder Tray That Rests On Your Couch

This couch cup holder tray manages to be both incredibly efficient and chic-looking with a gold-rimmed holder and minimal design. Rest it over the arm of your sofa as a place to keep remotes and hold a cup of tea (or wine). It’s made from anti-slip silicone and is fitted with four pipes that clasp onto your furniture.

  • Available colors: 6


The Cult-Favorite Makeup Removing Towel With Over 20,000 5-Star Ratings

One of those cult-fave beauty products, The Original MakeUp Eraser is known for erasing any type of makeup, from the thickest eyeliner to the reddest lipstick — and it’s reusable and machine-washable. With over 20,000 five-star ratings, reviewers are clearly impressed. “This is a certified miracle cloth,” one reviewer raved. “It takes off every single trace of makeup with just hot water. I love it so much I have bought for friends. No rubbing - just a soft immediate makeup remover.”


A Highly Rated Book Light That You Can Take Anywhere

Available in battery-operated or rechargeable versions, this Energizer book light clips onto your reading material and supplies bright but eye-friendly illumination. Its optimal beam size delivers enough light to cover the page, yet won’t disturb others — and its flexible neck, collapsible design, and durable clip make it both convenient and portable.

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