36 Clever Things That Look Great, Work Well, & Have A Cult Following

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Are you the type of person who can’t buy anything without considering aesthetics, even if you’re shopping for something totally practical? Sure, maybe looks aren’t the first priority when choosing a dish rack, but it certainly won’t hurt if yours adds the perfect pop of color to complement your kitchen backsplash. If you can relate, keep scrolling, because this article features 36 clever things that look great, work well, and have a cult-like following — so basically, what’s not to love?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with factoring in style when making purchasing decisions, regardless of whether you’re shopping for a statement jacket or food storage containers. But it’s important to prioritize functionality as well. After all, gorgeous things won’t do you any good if you don’t actually use them, as anyone with a pair of barely worn stilettos collecting dust in their closet will know firsthand. Lucky for you, these products were selected primarily for their practicality; the fact that they’re nice to look at is just an added bonus. So whether you fall in love with the cute retro toaster or the minimalist-chic charging caddy, you can rest assured knowing that none of these items sacrifice quality for style.

To shop these 36 brilliant products, which span the categories of fashion, beauty, travel, and home, just keep reading.


An RFID-Blocking Wallet With SO Much Space — & It Comes In Over 30 Colors

This best-selling wallet truly has it all. It’s outfitted with 18 card slots, an ID slot, and two large zippered compartments with enough space for cash, coins, and plenty of extras, including a passport. Plus, its RFID-blocking design will help prevent potential identity thieves from stealing your credit card information. Lastly — and arguably most importantly — the vegan leather it’s made of gives it a luxe, expensive look (despite its $15 price tag), and its 31-color range is nothing short of glorious.

  • Available colors: 31


A Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

It's easy to see why Amazon reviewers love this makeup organizer. Made of easy-to-clean hard plastic, its thoughtful design has several clever features that maximize its functionality. First, the carousal-like organizer rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can see everything that’s packed onto it without knocking things over. Second, the height and position of the four middle shelves can be adjusted, making it easy to create a custom setup that fits your products perfectly.


A Hand-Blown Decanter That’ll Make Your Wine Taste Better

Aerating wine with a decanter can make a cheap bottle taste like an expensive one. Every wine lover should own one, and this one is so elegant, you’ll be showered with compliments every time you bring it out. Hand-blown of lead-free, crystal glass, it’s engineered to provide maximum oxygenation for a full bottle of wine, with a slanted spout that makes it easy to pour without spilling.


A Functional Shower Cap That’s Actually Stylish

While shower caps aren’t exactly known for being glamorous, this one from Kitsch is clearly the exception. From the playful, palm-leaf print to the cute tie detail in the front, everything about it feels fabulous and fun. The cap is made of durable, waterproof nylon and is fully lined, with an elastic band at the hairline that’s stretchy enough to fit most head sizes, yet snug enough to keep out every last drop of moisture. Oh, and be sure to grab Kitsch’s matching palm-leaf hair towel for days when you do want to get your hair wet — it’ll look so cute hanging up next to your shower cap in the bathroom.


A Giant Turkish Towel That’s Extra Absorbent & Practically Sand-Proof

The type of cotton this giant Turkish towel is made of is far more absorbent than typical terry cotton, yet significantly thinner and lighter. This makes it the ideal beach towel: Despite the fact that it measures a generous 38 by 71 inches (for reference, the standard bath towel measures 30 by 56 inches), it’ll be much easier to fold up and stash in your beach tote, and is also a lot less likely to hold onto sand. That said, you can certainly use this as a regular bath towel, too.

  • Available colors: 36


These Ingenious Eyeliner Stamps For Perfect Wings In Seconds

Winged eyeliner is one of those iconic beauty looks that literally never gets old. What does get old, though, is the tedious process of applying it; if you’re a perfectionist, achieving two symmetrical wings can be a truly frustrating endeavor — unless you have these clever eyeliner stamps, that is. Sold in a set of two (for the left and right eye, respectively), they’re basically dual-sided markers, with wing-shaped stamps on one end and regular liquid eyeliner on the other. One Amazon reviewer wrote that they “couldn’t imagine their makeup routine without it now” — and thousands more are similarly enthusiastic.

  • Available styles: 5
  • Available colors: 2


The Simple Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Addicted to cold brew? Using the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker to make your own will save you a ton of money, and besides, it’s arguably easier than going to the cafe every day. While brewing hot coffee is pretty easy to mess up, the Takeya makes cold-brewing perfectly rich, smooth coffee essentially foolproof: Just add coffee grounds to the stainless steel inner chamber, fill the borosilicate glass pitcher with water, then place it in the fridge to brew overnight. It really is that easy, and it works every time — no wonder the patented coffee maker is such a cult-favorite.

  • Available sizes: 2


A Gorgeous Jewelry Stand That Holds An Impressive Amount Of Stuff

It’s pretty impressive how much you can pack onto this jewelry stand without it looking cluttered — between the triple-tiered metal stand for necklaces and earrings, and the tray and drawers for smaller items built into the sturdy wooden base, it really does have space to house a pretty good-sized collection. Plus, you can adjust the height of the two lower tiers to fit your collection (if you have lots of long, dangly earrings, for example), and the metal tier on top can also be swiveled to accommodate longer necklaces.

  • Available colors: 5


A Hanging Fruit Basket To Save Counter Space In Your Kitchen

Save counter space with this triple-tiered hanging basket — not only is it practical, but it's an attractive way to display fresh fruit, vegetables, and more. Amazon reviewers say it's quick and easy to put together, and love that the position of each individual basket can be adjusted to suit your needs. "The basket is very sturdy, and the powder coating is high quality," reported one reviewer.


A Set Of Four, Stretchy Belts To Cinch The Waist On Dresses & Tops

Cinching the waist on billowy dresses and shirts can make them seem like completely different designs — which is why, when it comes to maximizing the pieces already in your closet, these belts are a must-have. Made of buttery vegan leather with gold hardware and stretchy elastic backs, they’re sold in sets of four versatile colors. Choose a range that complements the main colors in your existing wardrobe, and you’ll always have an easy way to freshen up your look.

  • Available styles/colors: 9


A Sturdy, Magnetic Organizer Rack To Maximize Your Storage Space

It’s pretty impressive how sturdily this magnetic organizer rack attaches to any metal surface — whether you place it on your fridge or washing machine, you can really load it up with stuff and it still won’t slide down. Designed with two, rack-like shelves, four removable hooks, and two rods for paper towels or washcloths, it’s a neat, attractive way to keep your most-used items within easy reach without creating clutter.

  • Available colors: 3


These Turntables That’ll Revolutionize Your Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry

Turntables like this one are probably the single most important tool you can buy to help you make the most out of your storage space. The concept is pretty straightforward: With the turntable, it’ll be much easier to keep things organized and within easy reach. These are great for storing pantry items, like snacks, condiments, coffee pods, tea bags, and oils, but you can use them for toiletries and office supplies, too.

  • Available styles: 5


A Curtain Of String Lights That Makes Any Space Feel Magical

Hanging this twinkling curtain of fairy lights will add a touch of cozy romance to any space, indoors or out. Measuring just under 10 feet across, the curtain features 10 vertical strings of lights dotted with a total of 300 dainty, twinkling LED bulbs. Their warm, soothing light can be set to shine steadily, or you can choose from seven other settings, including twinkles, slow fade, flashing, or waves.


A Tiered Bamboo Shelf That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Your Needs

A mix of gleaming stainless steel and natural bamboo gives this multi-level storage shelf a modern, industrial look. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or your desk, its adjustable design means it’s practically guaranteed to work for your needs — swivel the shelves into a right angle so it’ll fit neatly in a corner, or arrange them in a straight line for a more traditional configuration.


An Attractive Charging Caddy Made Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Using this caddy is a great way to keep your phone, tablet, headphones, and Apple Watch neat and out of the way as they charge. Plus, since it’s made of attractive, eco-friendly bamboo, you’ll be happy to display it prominently in your home. The caddy comes complete with five charging cables — three lightning cords for Apple products, plus two standard USB cords — but if you prefer the cords you already have, those will work too.


A Durable Glass Pitcher You Can Infuse With Fresh Fruit & Herbs

Want to make your day-to-day feel a little bit more special? Then invest in this popular pitcher. Infusing your water with delicious flavors ensures staying hydrated will never feel like a chore, and the pitcher makes the process literally effortless. Just fill the stainless steel inner chamber with fresh fruit, cucumbers, herbs, or whatever else sounds yummy, then fill the rest with water. Plus, since the pitcher is made with heat-safe borosilicate glass, you can also use it on the stovetop to make a big batch of tea (just make sure to remove the inner chamber and lid first).


A Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier, & Nightlight In One

Of the 8,000 Amazon shoppers who left feedback for this essential oil diffuser after buying it, a staggering 95% left a positive rating or review. That kind of consistency is rare for an essential oil diffuser in this price range — in general, cheap models tend to be noisier than expected or prove difficult to clean. Plus, the curvy shape gives it the look of an elegant white vase, and it also doubles as a humidifier and a color-changing table lamp.


A More Attractive & Hygienic Alternative To Fabric Bath Mats

A bamboo bath mat might seem counterintuitive at first — aren’t bath mats supposed to be absorbent? But actually, a solid bamboo bath “mat” makes a lot of sense: Rather than soaking up a bunch of water until it’s a breeding ground for mold, the raised design lets excess water drip through without collecting bacteria or remaining soaking wet for hours. Bamboo is naturally quick-drying and antimicrobial, and the mat is designed with nine, anti-slip gaskets on the bottom to keep your footing secure.

  • Available colors: 7


An Adjustable Storage Rack For Baking Sheets, Cutting Boards, Pans, & More

A rack to store baking sheets, cutting boards, pan lids, and other, similar items vertically is essential for every kitchen — but it’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea. What sets this particular rack apart from the rest is the fact that it’s adjustable: It comes with seven, coated steel dividers that you can place anywhere on the sturdy plastic base to create a custom organizer that fits each piece in your collection perfectly.


A Mini, Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker — & Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed

How adorable is this mini, heart-shaped waffle maker? It’ll be perfect for breakfasts on birthdays and other special days. Plus, when it comes to waffle makers, this one (not necessarily the heart-shaped version, but just in general) is a clear customer favorite. Having earned a 4.7-star overall rating from over 20,000 Amazon shoppers, it’s not only the number-one best-selling waffle maker on Amazon, but actually tops the best-seller list for the entire kitchen and dining category.

  • Available colors: 8


A Clear Acrylic Organizer To Store All Your Makeup Compacts

It’s difficult to find a neat way to store makeup compacts that doesn’t cause your collection to topple each time you grab one. This organizer is the perfect solution: Made of clear acrylic, it’ll keep your compacts neat without relying on stacking them or arranging them in a basket. Plus, it’s a great way to keep tabs on what you currently have — when the organizer is full, that probably means you don’t need to buy yet another baked highlighter.


A Sleek Magnetic Knife Strip To Maximize Your Counter Space

Installing this 16-inch, magnetic knife strip will not only free up space on your kitchen countertop, but will also give your workspace a sleek, professional feel. It also makes it a lot easier to see your full collection of knives and grab the one you’re looking for in seconds — all in all, it’s a must for any home cook. The number-one best-selling magnetic knife strip on Amazon, it’s earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating from over 14,000 Amazon shoppers.


These Luxurious Velvet Curtains That Block Out Drafts, Heat, Noise, & Light

Amazon reviewers are blown away by the how plush and substantial these velvet curtains feel, especially given the price for a set of two panels. But in addition to looking and feeling luxurious, they also have plenty of practical perks. They’re made with an insulated thermal material that helps blocks out drafts in the winter and heat in the summer, as well as noise from outside and light (they’re technically classified as room-darkening, not blackout curtains, but they definitely block out a lot more light than most typical curtains would).

  • Available colors: 12


An Automatic Hair Curler That’s Practically Foolproof To Use

“Wow, just wow,” one Amazon reviewer wrote of the CHI Spin N Curl, continuing, “I cannot believe how well this works. My hair was all dolled up in less than 10 minutes!” Thousands of other reviewers had similarly positive things to say about the automatic hair curler, which works by pulling your hair up into its inner chamber and wrapping it around a barrel, which can be set to the time interval and temperature that works best for your hair.

  • Available colors: 6


An Electric Kettle With A Sleek & Stylish Look

Having earned a near-perfect, 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this electric gooseneck kettle is loved for its sturdy construction and intuitive design — its sleek, minimalist look is just an added bonus. Made of 100% stainless steel, the kettle’s base senses even a subtle 1-degree change in temperature and displays it on the easy-to-read LCD screen, allowing you to heat water at precisely the temperature you want. The kettle also has several other features coffee aficionados will love, including a built-in stopwatch and a maintenance setting that holds water at a consistent temperature for up to two hours.


Another Sleek Makeup Organizer, But This One’s For Bigger Horizontal Palettes

Another clear acrylic organizer for your makeup collection, this one is for palettes (specifically of the horizontal and square variety) — and according to Amazon shoppers, it’s an absolute must. More than 15,000 people gave it a perfect five-star rating, resulting in an exceptional overall rating of 4.8 strs. It’s high-quality, thoughtfully designed, and comes at a great price. What’s not to love?


These Motion-Sensing Lights To Install In Dark Halls, Stairways, & Closets

Place these motion-sensing LED lights along a dark hallway or staircase — when they automatically turn on to light your path, they’ll feel like fancy integrated lighting, but they’re actually ridiculously easy to install since they have adhesive backing. Conveniently sold in packs of three, the weatherproof lights will run for over 80 hours on a single set of AA batteries.


The Underrated Hair Tool That Makes It Easy To Create Complex-Looking Styles

Pretty much everything from the ‘90s is back in vogue these days, so it’s really no surprise that the Topsy Tail is enjoying a major comeback. And why shouldn’t it? Requiring practically zero time or effort, the simple plastic tool adds a sophisticated twist — literally — to your basic ponytail, so it’ll look like you just got your hair done professionally. Plus, it’s only $6 for this set of four, which includes a smaller size that’s perfect for half-up ‘dos.


An Iron & Wood Wine Rack That’s Perfect For Small Spaces

Without taking up much surface area, this wine rack holds four wine bottles and four wine glasses — and it does it all while looking super expensive in that minimalist, industrial-chic way. While many wine racks are fairly bulky and can hold a ton of wine, this is perfect for the wine lover who rarely accumulates more than a few bottles at a time. That said, if you already have somewhere suitable to keep your stemware, the rack also comes in a slightly different version that holds two extra bottles instead of the wine glasses.

  • Available styles: 2


These Space-Saving Hangers That’ll Make Your Closet Feel So Much Less Cluttered

If your closet is on the verge of bursting at the seams, these space-saving hangers are just what’s needed to get things back under control. The hangers are really more like hangers for your hangers — each one can hold up to five regular clothes hangers in a vertical cascade to free up space on your closet bar. While you can still view the pieces on each hanger while they’re hung vertically, you can always swing the hanger up onto the closet bar horizontally when you want to.

  • Available colors: 5


This Cult-Favorite Lipstick That Never Smudges — Even When You’re Wearing A Mask

True to its name, Stila’s cult-favorite Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick really does stay put all day long. While plenty of competitors have made similar claims, this one really delivers — it won’t budge even if you eat a snack, sip your coffee, or, crucially, wear a face mask. Better still, it’s enriched with avocado oil and vitamin E, so it’s not super drying like other liquid lipsticks tend to be.

  • Available shades: 18


This Luxe Electric Wine Opener With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

This electric wine opener will certainly make your kitchen feel like it’s part of a luxury penthouse. But beyond how sleek and modern it looks sitting on its charging base, the fan-favorite device is actually pretty useful — it’ll automatically uncork just about any bottle of wine with the press of a button, and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Of the 20,000 Amazon shoppers who rated it, a whopping 94% left positive feedback, with many reviewers noting that it’s a lifesaver for those who suffer from arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to use a corkscrew.


This High-Quality Toaster That’ll Add A Fun, Retro Vibe To Your Kitchen

How pretty is this retro, candy-colored toaster? It’s the rare practical appliance you’ll be more than happy to display, and according to Amazon reviewers, its quality, durability, and user-friendly design are every bit as impressive as its good looks. Fans love how the extra-wide slots allow you to toast bagels and buns as well as sliced bread — in fact, it even has a special setting for bagels, which many toasters don’t. Other key features include a defrost setting, a removable crumb tray, and storage for the cord underneath.

  • Available colors: 5


These Korean Under-Eye Patches That Feel Amazing On Tired Skin

Place these collagen-packed patches under your eyes on mornings when your skin is feeling especially tired (or, do like pro makeup artists do and wear them while you’re applying your eye makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout). The patches are infused with a ton of super-powered ingredients, including 24-karat gold, peptides, and snail mucin. You get 30 patches (or 60 pairs) in each tub, so it’s a great value.


An Adjustable Organizer For All Your Food Storage Container Lids

The lids for food storage containers are notoriously difficult to keep organized — unless you have this ingenious lid organizer, that is. It’s essentially a sturdy plastic tray outfitted with five adjustable dividers, making it easy to create compartments of the right size (anything up to 9 inches wide) for each type of lid in your collection. "I love, love, love this storage container," one Amazon reviewer gushed. "Sounds silly, but it changed my life. No longer do I have storage container jenga!"

  • Available sizes: 4


This Planter That Makes It Practically Impossible To Kill Your Houseplants

Even those who are convinced they’re cursed with a black thumb will be converted into proud plant parents with this self-watering planter. It actually takes care of a lot more than just watering your plant — its ingenious design is also self-aerating and provides a ton of drainage, thereby ruling out pretty much all of the common causes of death for house plants. Just make sure to read the care instructions to see how much sun your plant prefers, and you should be good to go!

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 6