Everyone Should Have This Classic Italian Cocktail Recipe In Their Back Pocket

According to experts.

Negroni, an italian cocktail, an apéritif, first mixed in Florence, Italy, in 1919. Count Camillo Ne...


“When talking about ultra-classic Italian cocktails, one has to start with the ‘Mi-To’ — the 'Milano-Torino' cocktail — not only because it’s a fantastic drink, but it’s also super simple to make, and was the 'founding father' of two other classic cocktails, [the Americano and the Negroni],” says Massimo Lusardi, founder of In Tune Hospitality. Courtesy of In Tune Hospitality (Uva, Uva Next Door, and Keys & Heels)
“Created in Milan in the 1860s, it's equal parts Campari (from Milano) and sweet vermouth (traditionally from Torino), and makes the perfect combination for a refreshing aperitivo,” says Lusardi of the Mi-To. To make, pour those two ingredients over ice in a rocks glass, stir, and serve with an orange garnish.Shutterstock