Canopy Beds Are Taking Over

You can thank Bridgerton.

by Jessie Quinn
canopy beds trend
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Modern canopy bed frames have become a design go-to for adding a luxe-looking (and statement-making) centerpiece to bedrooms — especially in Mid-Century modern decor. But, with the Regencycore style of Bridgerton taking over our feeds, many designers are opting to emphasize the canopy itself and create a more whimsical and romantic layered look, à la the current coquette craze.

For context, canopy beds originated in China in the 4th century and ultimately made their way to England during the Medieval era, where they became a functional solution to some of the woes of castle life. Since many regal family members slept in the same rooms as their attendants, they preferred beds with curtains for privacy. Additionally, these grand castle abodes weren’t known for their insulation and could get drafty. Having canopies above the bed on which one could hang blankets and covering, the structures helped provide warmth and protection against cold wafts.

While the origins of the canopy bed are rooted in function, they serve more aesthetic purposes today. According to interior designer Erin Lichy, they’re especially handy in open-concept living spaces. “They add a layer of visual interest and vertical dimension to the bedroom,” she explains, noting that this helps create an anchor point in the space. “A canopy bed is a great way to break up a large or tall room,” adds Tanner Villani, senior interior designer at The Decorators Unlimited, adds.

As mentioned before, when drapes are involved, they can provide warmth and block out light from city scapes or direct sunlight. In warmer spring and summer months, you can still create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere with the curtains open and tied back. And, if you prefer a sleeker and more modern style, designers say to ditch the curtains altogether and style canopy beds bare.

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How To Incorporate A Canopy Bed

While canopy bed frames have remained popular for several years, we’re only now starting to see the return of the canopies themselves. If you love the romantic and whimsical feel but don’t want to overpower your bedroom, Lichy says to opt for clean lines and minimalistic styling when decorating. “Choose fabric in earthy tones for an airy and ethereal look,” she recommends. “Incorporate contemporary elements such as sleek metal hardware or geometric patterns to add a touch of sophistication to the space.”

When styling a canopy bed, Villani says materials matter and can completely shift the mood of the space, depending on the types of fabric, wood finish, and other motifs used. “For a fresher look, try forgoing the valance and use a sleek metal or wood bed frame underneath,” he explains. By creating a draped look around the bed and leaving the ceiling space open, you can still reap the benefits of a canopy bed (from both a design and functional standpoint) without it feeling too enclosed.

If you don’t have a bed frame, Lichy says you can use curtain rods or ceiling-mounted hardware (such as chic hooks) to hang and drape sheer fabric in a way that resembles a canopy around the bed. This adds lots of texture to your space and provides the privacy and light-blocking benefits of canopy beds without taking up extra space or purchasing new furniture.

Since canopy beds make such a statement, it’s best to keep the furniture and decor around the bed on the minimal side. You can add additional texture by placing a rug under your bed, but aim for sleek and simple side tables and accent decor.

This modern walnut frame is a more updated take on the ancient trend.

This distressed wood finish gives the frame an earthy look.

Vintage lovers will gravitate towards this neoclassical poster bed.

Love the Regency-era aesthetic? This French style frame will bring you joy.

The curved structure of this canopy bed aligns with cool Scandi style.

This cascading wrought iron frame reads simultaneously modern and vintage, especially when left bare.

If you want a bit of color in your space, this light blue canopy bed will do the trick.

The cane detailing on the headboard give this frame a Mid-Century modern feel.

The rich red shade of this frame lend a cool Pop-Art edge.