Instagram’s Favorite Olive Oil Brand Launched A Candle

It’s a digestif for your kitchen.

Photo by Jill Burrows / Courtesy of Brightland

Even if you’ve never used one of olive oil brand Brightland’s products, chances are you’ve seen its beautifully designed bottles around. The company practically exploded onto the food scene upon its launch in 2018, and since then it’s become a certified status symbol in kitchens around the country. Up to this point, though, its popularity has been for one thing — its oils and vinegars — but now, it’s set out to make waves in another category. As of April 6, Brightland’s new DIGESTIF Kitchen Candle is here to expand the brand’s horizons, and it’s a launch even non-skilled home cooks can get behind.

Aptly named, the just-dropped product is designed to be used exactly as it sounds: as a digestif (aka something to “aid digestion”) for your kitchen, that’s specifically for burning during and after cooking. Yes, that sounds a little ambitious — albeit magical — if you’ve ever experienced the smell of your food and favorite candle competing. But after personally trying out the $42 candle while my husband was cooking bacon (and post-fry to try to quench the horrible lingering odor), I can confirm that somehow, this scent actually does complement, not clash with, the smells of even the strongest dishes.

Yes, that can be chalked up to its thoughtful notes, which serve as a nod to Brightland founder and CEO Aishwarya Iyer’s heritage. “The Brightland DIGESTIF kitchen candle is extra special to me because of its fragrance notes and what they mean to me: Vetiver is a plant native to South India, and so DIGESTIF’s vetiver and black pepper notes immediately take me to my grandparents’ home in South India,” said Iyer in a press email. “The orange blossom and neroli notes remind me of California’s gorgeous natural bounty, so I feel like a part of my heritage, history and personal story is poured into each candle.”

Yet its powerful, earthy smell can also be attributed to a surprising (but very fitting) ingredient: Brightland’s own oil. “Incorporating olive oil in the formulation does a lot to improve the life of the candle and throw of the scent,” reads a quote from Flores Lane, the sustainable candle company that hand-poured Brightland’s new product. “The essential oils blended in the candle need to be paired with a carrier oil in order to protect the molecules from heat, so they don't burn off right away. The natural properties within the Brightland olive oil allow the scent to have a home, while adding an herbaceous goodness found within the olive oil itself.”

Photo by Jill Burrows / Courtesy of Brightland

These elements make it a candle you’ll want to burn in your kitchen for days on end (trust me, I already have) — and given that it’s vegan, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, you won’t feel bad about doing so. Shop the refreshing launch on Brightland.co now, or from the link just ahead.

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