These Are The Best Books To Get Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

You can’t go wrong with a good read.

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While it can be difficult to shop even for people you know the best, there’s one item that always makes gift-giving just a little bit easier: A good book. Sure, you may think that’s something that would be way too hard to pick for any individual person. (Especially since you probably have some trouble settling on one for yourself at any given time.) Yet if you know even the most basic of information about your gift recipient’s hobbies, lifestyle, etc., you can likely find a read they’ll love with ease. When it comes to books that make for great gifts, it’s not just about discovering a random good story — it’s about giving something that truly speaks to someone and what they’re passionate about.

Fortunately, it goes without saying that there’s truly an option for everyone out there. From books about pickleball for your favorite sports lovers to memoirs of beloved stars (we all know some extreme fans), it’s actually pretty easy to shop for reads that will satisfy any interest.

That said, the holidays are here and you’ve got no time to waste. If you’re stumped on what to give someone you know, stop scratching your head; instead, continue on for some book suggestions for (almost) all the people on your to-buy-for list this season.

Best For: The Sports Lover

Best For: The Reality TV Devotee

Best For: The Avid Outlander Fan

Best For: The Wellness Guru

Best For: The Design Obsessed

Best For: The Poet

Best For: The Cocktail Curious

Best For: The Person Who Needs A Smile

Best For: The Nature Lover

Best For: The Hostess

Best For: The Burgeoning Chef

Best For: The Outdoorsy Adventurer