The 13 Best Sandalwood Candles

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best sandalwood candles

Scent is any easy way to instantly transform your space, and because the note is so versatile, the best sandalwood candles range from warm and woody to bright and tropical. They also come in gorgeous containers that are as lovely unlit on a counter as they are when they’re flickering.

When it comes to choosing a scented candle, the mix of notes is key. Sandalwood “lends itself to many fragrance pairings,” Diptyque’s Eduardo Valadez previously told The Zoe Report, adding: “Its sweet yet earthy disposition gives it the ability to work in both floral and fresh scents, as well as musky and rich scents.” You’ll also often see it paired with citrus to make sure that sweetness doesn’t become too cloying. As you shop, consider the mood you’re looking to set. While sandalwood paired with other rich, woody scents is a favorite for the cooler months, when it’s paired with fruity notes like fig and currant, it can transport you to a sun-drenched oasis.

Next, consider the type of wax the candle is made of. Some of the most common options are paraffin, soy, coconut, and beeswax, all with their pros and cons. Paraffin tends to have the widest scent throw; however, some choose to avoid the petroleum-derived ingredient because they’re concerned about the chemicals released into the air (though the science behind it isn’t yet conclusive) and so, it’s becoming a less popular option. Wax from soy, coconut, and bees on the other hand are touted for their long, clean burning. Soy tends to have a subtler scent strength than paraffin, while beeswax’s naturally sweet scent can impact the fragrance. Coconut wax is a newer option that’s a little harder to come by and is usually blended with another wax for stability, but it typically offers a stronger throw when lit and longer burn time than soy. Another option you’ll find is palm wax, which works similarly to soy wax, but offers slightly longer burn times and a greater scent throw, like coconut.

Finally, choose your vessel. From simple and minimalist to printed and maximalist, the variety here is broad enough to suit any desired ambiance. You’ll also find options with a crackling wooden wick, or multiple wicks for a more noticeable scent. Scroll on for the best sandalwood candles to suit any occasion.

1. A Luxe Escape In A Candle

One whiff of the fig, red currant, and amber notes of Brooklyn Candle’s fan-favorite Santorini candle, and you’ll be transported to the Aegean Sea. Made with 100% soy wax with an impressive burn time of 70 hours, it comes in a minimalist glass container that’ll blend in with any decor, while double wicks give it a powerful scent throw.

2. A Fan Favorite Made With Essential Oils

Made with soy wax and scented with essential oils, Lulu Candles are a favorite with Amazon shoppers for good reason. They come in a range of sizes, from 6 to 11 ounces, and feature long burn times, with the 6-ounce size lasting about 70 hours, according to one customer. The Jasmine, Oud, and Sandalwood blend “makes me think of a warm tropical breeze,” commented one Amazon reviewer, but it’s also available in a range of other scents.

3. A Coconut Wax Candle With A Wood Wick

If you love the crackle of a good wood wick, consider this coconut wax candle featuring a rich, warm fragrance blend with notes of clove, anise, and balsam. The candle comes in two sizes, 8 and 16 ounces, with the smaller one clocking a burn time of up to 48 hours.

4. A Scent That Gets Compared To Le Labo

Santal refers to a compound derived from sandalwood and camwood, and in this candle, it’s combined with fig, vanilla, and coconut for a blend that one Amazon shopper described as “very similar to Le labo santal 33.” The 4.7-ounce votive has a burn time of 30 hours, but it also comes in a few other styles and sizes (as well as scents), all made with soy wax.

5. A Maximalist Candle In A Ceramic Cup

Channel the magpie look with these printed ceramic candles, which come in decorative containers in a few different colors. They come in a range of scents, but fans of woody aromas will likely zero in on the sandalwood-jasmine and ebony options. The soy candle has a burn time of roughly 40 hours, and it also comes in pairs so you always have another on hand.

6. A Candle Inspired By Edgar Allen Poe

Inspired by the author of such eery classics as The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart, this Paddywax candle features notes of absinthe and cardamom for a spicy, mysterious mix in a soy candle with a 60-hour burn time. Combine that with the frosted, dark amber glass container, and your search for a perfect moody candle might just have ended, to return nevermore.

7. A Large Glass Candle With A Wooden Wick

With a 90-hour burn time, this soy wax candle will last quite a while, and thanks to the patterned glass jar and wooden wick, it’ll be charming to look at the whole time. Customers have described this scent as a “true” sandalwood and “a light scent that doesn't overpower your senses but fills the entire house.” When you burn through this candle, you can repurpose the pretty jar to hold Q-tips, cotton pads, or other small toiletries.

8. A Floral-Forward Candle With Rose

With a complex floral bouquet of rose, peony, and geranium, this matte black candle exudes a romantic scent one Amazon shopper described as “incredible and room-filling.” It’s made with soy wax and comes in two sizes, with the smaller, 6-ounce one clocking a burn time of 35 hours.

9. A Pair Of Classic Jarred Candles

Each order comes with two jars, with one featuring relaxing lavender and a coordinating candle, including the set featured above with amber and sandalwood. Made with soy wax and scented with essential oils, each candle burns for about 70 hours.

10. A Scent That’s Like An Ocean Breeze

This tall poured soy wax candle features notes of salt and sea air to transport you to, well, a Beach Cottage. Bergamot adds freshness, and the candle can burn for up to 80 hours. Homesick makes a wide range of scents, including New Home with notes of sandalwood, lime, and jasmine if you’re looking for a housewarming gift.

11. A Joyful Ceramic Candle With A Lid

The amber, sandalwood, and vanilla scent of L'or de Seraphine’s Monroe candle has all the marks of a classic, while the decorative ceramic jar adds a dash of fun (this is another vessel that would be great for repurposing — especially since it comes with an equally pretty lid). The wax features a palm-based blend and incorporates essential oils chosen for their aromatherapy benefits. The large candle has a 80-hour burn time.

12. A Floral Blend With Citrus & Musk

With bright notes of lime and bergamot paired with dreamy lotus and camellia flowers, Glasshouse Fragrances’s Kyoto in Bloom candle celebrates sandalwood’s fresher side. Made with soy wax and offering a 65-hour burn time, it has two wicks to give your room plenty of scent. The package is wrapped up in an elegant glass package topped with a decorative lid.

13. A Coconut & Beeswax Candle From A Cult Brand

Boy Smells is a cult favorite for the brand’s evocative scents, and this blend of sandalwood, frankincense, and ylang-ylang is no different. Made with a coconut and beeswax blend, this candle lasts for roughly 50 hours and features the brand’s distinctive pink label on a black glass jar.