The TikTok Food Accounts That Every Home Cook Should Be Following

If you’re stomach’s not rumbling yet, it will be soon.

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Best TikTok Food Account: @cookingwithshereen

The depth of former QVC recipe-developer Shereen Pavlide’s knowledge knows no bounds, so don’t be surprised if you’re watching a demonstration for shrimp scampi one minute and ramen from scratch the next.@cookingwithshereen

Best TikTok Food Account: @iamtabithabrown

Actor and vegan food inflluencer Tabitha Brown has made a name for herself (she has 4.7 million followers to date) thanks to her quick, easy recipes and fun, positive videos. Come for the chickpea scramble, stay for the inspiration and smiles.@iamtabithabrown

Best Food TikTok Account: @spicednice

Farrah Jalanbo is a recipe developer dedicated to flavor-packed, but easy-to-follow recipes. Though her specialty is Middle Eastern cuisine, she features a wide range of foods on her page — and always makes them look tantalizingly delicious. @spicednice

Best Food TikTok Account: @twincoast

Craving something a little lighter? Don’t miss the account dedicated to smoothies and milkshakes run by fraternal twins, Ashley and Taylor Johnston. Whether you want a veggie-filled smoothie or a caramel frappé, you’ll find it here.@twincoast

Best Food TikTok Account: @jennymartinezzz

Jenny Martinez got her start on TikTok by posting tutorials of Mexican recipes from her parents; now she more than two million followers who devour her videos on dishes like quesabirria tacos and pasta verde. @jennymartinezzz

Best Food TikTok Account: @the_pastaqueen

Pasta lovers, look no further. Nadia Caterina Munno runs this popular account, bringing her extensive knowledge of all things pasta (she is Italian, after all) to the masses. She shares tutorials on everything from pasta cake to cacio e pepe.@the_pastaqueen

Best Food TikTok Account: @cookingbomb

Chef Vivian Aronson appeared on season 10 of MasterChef and is recognized for her expertise in traditional Chinese cuisine. Now, runs her TikTok to the tune of 1.7 million followers, featuring a range of recipes, all while keeping things lighthearted. @cookingbomb

Best Food TikTok Account: @eitan

You may have spotted him on Food Network’s Chopped Junior when he was 11, but at 18, Eitan Bernath is still making a name for himself. He infuses his energy into every post, showing his followers how to make downright delicious meals in quick, choppy clips.@eitan

Best Food TikTok Accounts: @starbucksrecipeswithm

If you’re a Starbucks regular, you might already be a loyal follower of this account. If not, prepare to be hooked. Maya Smith is the mastermind behind the page, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite Starbucks drinks are made. @starbucksrecipeswithm

Best Food TikTok Account: @poppycooks

Poppy O’Toole runs the TikTok account, where she shows off her professional cooking skills to her 1.5 million (and counting) followers. O’Toole is a Michelin-trained chef, so you can trust she knows what she’s doing. @poppycooks

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