This Chef-Approved Appetizer Is The Perfect Match For Your NYE Champagne

A flawless pairing.

The Picture Pantry/Alloy/Getty Images
Sturgeon black caviar, sandwiches and champagne on silver tray
“Go with crunchy foods, like potato chips,” says chef Brian Jupiter of Frontier and Ina Mae Tavern in Chicago. “Salt is the perfect ingredient to counter-balance the acidity of Champagne.” Plus, he says, chips are easy to make: Thinly slice a few potatoes and fry them in vegetable oil until golden and crispy. Pat dry, and season as desired.Nanette J.Stevenson-ebbystouch.com/Moment/Getty Images
Chef Michael Fiorelli of Olivetta and Issima in LA recommends a caviar and burrata bruschetta, which complements Champagne’s crisp bubbles while cutting through the acid and sugar. To make it, top toasted baguette slices with burrata, sea salt, prosciutto, and a basil leaf. Drizzle with EVOO and distribute caviar over top.Eugene Mymrin/Moment Open/Getty Images