45 Cool Things On Amazon You'll Get Tons Of Compliments On

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Who doesn’t love a good compliment? A few heartfelt words of affirmation can feel incredibly encouraging, whether they’re coming from a loved one, a social media comment, or a stranger on the street. Of course, when making purchasing decisions, the only opinion that truly matters is your own. Still, no matter how confident you are, everyone has days when they could use a little validation. If that’s you right now, consider these cool things on Amazon you’ll get tons of compliments on — from head-turning fashion pieces to ingenious life hacks, everything on the list is virtually guaranteed to inspire at least one enthusiastic “where did you get that?”

This edit features items that will induce compliments in nearly every area of your life, spanning the categories of beauty, fashion, tech, and home goods. Get ready to field regular inquiries about how to make your delicious homemade lattes, where to buy your colorful cotton grocery bags, and how you get your natural lashes to look exactly like extensions — and prepare to be met with stares of disbelief when you tell them your secret is a simple Amazon purchase.

Oh, and when you do (inevitably) get a compliment on your new finds, don’t be shy about giving one back in return. After all ... who doesn’t love a good compliment?


A Smart Water Bottle That Makes It Fun To Stay Hydrated

A must for anyone who struggles to stay hydrated, this smart water bottle automatically begins to glow each hour, serving as a difficult-to-ignore reminder for when it's time to drink more water. That's not all, though — the bottle also functions as a portable Bluetooth speaker with colorful LED-powered party lights. Who said drinking water isn't fun?


A Reusable Cloth That Erases Stubborn Makeup Using Nothing But Water

Almost too good to be true, the MakeUp Eraser wipes away every last drop of makeup — even the most stubborn waterproof mascara — using nothing but warm water. Better still, the soft, plush pink cloth can be machine-washed and reused up to 1,000 times, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a more environmentally-friendly way to remove their makeup.


The Clip-On Colander That Reviewers Can't Stop Recommending

Once you own this ingenious snap-on colander, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. It's designed to clip on to the edge of round pots, pans, or bowls of nearly any size, streamlining the process of making pasta, straining beans, and so much more. Made of flexible silicone, it's a must for anyone who loves a good cooking hack.


A Pair Of Stylish, Utilitarian Boots With A Hidden Zippered Pocket

Combat boots are both timeless and utilitarian, and this stylish pair amps up the practical factor even further thanks to a handy zippered pocket that's perfect for stashing cash and other small valuables. Made of soft, buttery vegan leather with cozy knit cuffs, the versatile boots will go with just about everything in your closet.


A User-Friendly Milk Frother To Create Barista-Level Lattes At Home

Save yourself a trip to Starbucks with this user-friendly milk frother — it's the only tool you'll need to create lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more in the comfort of your own home. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it's simple to use, easy to clean, and creates deliciously frothy foam in just two minutes or less. "Truly a gem. It's my new favorite gadget! And its sleek looking," noted one reviewer.


Cooling, Soothing Eye Gels That Are Packed With Skin-Rejuvenating Collagen

Rejuvenate the delicate skin underneath your eyes with these soothing eye patches by cult-favorite Korean skin care brand MIZON. The cooling, gel-like patches are formulated with a super-powered dose of firming marine collagen, which is known to help promote elasticity and smoother, more moisturized skin. "If you compare [the ingredients] to others in the same price range, these MIZON patches are MILES ahead of the competition," one reviewer commented. You can also choose from two other formulas soaked in an essence of hyaluronic acid or 24 karat gold and snail mucin.


A Dramatic Liquid Eyeshadow From Lady Gaga's Makeup Line

If you're a fan of bold, high impact eye makeup, this liquid powder eyeshadow is a must-try — after all, it's created by Lady Gaga, the absolute authority when it comes to dramatic makeup looks. Weightless, blendable, buildable, and deeply pigmented, it resists creasing, smudging, and flaking, even after hours of wear. Choose from a range of shades, from light, shimmery pinks to bolder hues like emerald green.


The Top-Rated Wall Outlet That Has Its Own Built-In Shelf

Not only does this handy wall outlet transform one standard outlet into six, but it also adds two USB ports and even features a sturdy little shelf to hold your phone or tablet as it charges.


A Cult-Favorite Skin Cream That Can Be Used So Many Different Ways

Weleda's all-natural Skin Food may look unassuming, but it's actually a pretty big deal. Amazon reviewers can't stop raving about it. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham swears by it. Into The Gloss even compared it to La Mer's much pricier skin cream. And it's a makeup artist staple seen backstage at fashion shows and photo shoots. Packed with all the vitamins and nutrients skin needs to thrive (hence the name), the thick, ultra-rich formula can be used on the face, body, hands, feet, or anywhere else that could use a super-powered dose of moisture. You can even use it as a lip mask or apply it to your cheekbones for a dewy, highlighter effect sans shimmer.


A Big Glass Pitcher To Infuse Water, Make Herbal Tea, & More

Infusing your water with flavors is an excellent way to encourage yourself to stay hydrated, and with this sturdy infuser pitcher, the process is effortlessly simple. Just place fruit, herbs, cucumbers, or whatever else you're using in the inner chamber, then fill the rest with water — it's that easy! Plus, since the pitcher is made with borosilicate glass, it's completely heat-safe, meaning you can also use it on the stovetop or in the microwave.


These "Milky" Bath Salts That Turn Your Bathtub Into A Japanese Hot Spring

When a soak in a Japanese hot spring isn't possible, these "milky" Japanese bath salts are the next best thing. Packed with soothing, healing minerals that are great for the body, mind, and skin, the salts create a semi-opaque look as they dissolve into the water. Sold in a beautifully-packaged set of four different scents, they'd make a gorgeous gift for anyone who loves baths.


The Chili-Infused Honey That Tastes Good On Literally Everything

Aptly named "Bee's Knees," reviewers say this spicy honey really is the best. It's made by infusing all-natural wildflower honey with mild chili peppers, creating a satisfyingly complex flavor profile with the perfect amount of kick. Test it out with cheese and crackers, drizzled it on pizza or ice cream, or use it in a citrusy cocktail — once you've tried it, you'll want it on everything.


A Tiered Hanging Basket To Save Space In Your Kitchen

Save counter space with this triple-tiered hanging basket — not only is it practical, but it's an attractive way to display fresh fruit, vegetables, and more. Reviewers say it's quick and easy to put together, and love that the position of each individual basket can be adjusted to suit your needs. "The basket is very sturdy, and the powder coating is high quality," reported one reviewer.


A Set Of Nourishing Masks To Repair Dry, Cracked Hands & Feet

Repair and pamper dry, cracked hands and feet with this nourishing set of masks from Aveeno. The set comes with a pair of glove-like masks for your hands and a pair of sock-like masks for your feet, all packed with moisturizing, healing ingredients like shea butter and prebiotic oat. "Cracked heels will never be a problem for me again," wrote one reviewer. "This is the only thing I have found that works."


A Sleek Phone Case With A Built-In Case For Your Cards & ID

While most phone cases that have a built-in wallet are either overly bulky or leave your cards exposed, this top-rated phone case can hold up to three cards at once in a way that's completely discreet. Plus, it's available in a range of stylish colors and designs, ranging from basic black to elegant faux marble. "I get compliments ALL THE TIME on the look and functionality of this case!" one reviewer wrote.


A Cult-Favorite Serum That Makes Your Lashes Stronger & Fuller

This award-winning, cult-favorite serum is a must for anyone who's after stronger, thicker, fuller-looking lashes. Formulated with powerful vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, reviewers rave about the results. “I love love love this stuff! It really works and I highly recommend it,” one customer wrote. “I just ordered another 3 month supply. I noticed a difference after about one month of using. My lashes are longer and fuller.”


An LED Reading Lamp That's Compact & Cute

Any bookworm will appreciate this LED reading light — use it during car trips, plane rides, or when you don't want to disturb a sleeping partner. The compact design can either stand alone or clip onto your book and can be swiveled in any direction, making it easy to focus the light exactly where you need it. One charge lasts about eight hours, and since the lamp plugs directly into any USB port, there's no need for an extra cord.


An Upgraded Version Of Your Crystal Facial Roller

If you've ever wished your old-fashioned jade roller had a little more oomph, you'll love this vibrating rose quartz facial roller. Its gentle vibrations amplify the well-documented effects of a traditional facial roller — massaging your face with this upgraded tool naturally increases blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage, leaving the skin looking plump, tight, and radiant.


A RFID-Blocking Wallet That Looks Expensive & Protects Yourself From Would-Be Digital Thieves

Reviewers can't get enough of this RFID-blocking wallet — it's garnered nearly 27,000 five-star ratings and reviews, earning an overall customer rating of 4.6 stars. Not only will it deter would-be credit card or identity thieves, but with 16 card slots and two zippered pockets, it's spacious enough to hold all the essentials and more.


The Ingenious Nail Polish Bottle Holder That'll Revolutionize Your At-Home Manicures

This silicone nail polish bottle holder takes all the fuss (and potential mess) out of doing your own manicure at home. It's designed to rest on your fingers like a ring where it holds the bottle upright and eliminates the need for a hard surface to rest on. "Guys. I love this thing. It's life changing," one reviewer gushed.


A Microfiber Hair Towel That Dries Hair Faster & Reduces Frizz

Not only will this turban-style hair towel dry your hair twice as quickly as a regular cotton towel, but it's significantly less likely to cause frizz, breakage, and other damage in the process. That's because it's made with microfiber, which is far more absorbent than cotton, and also far more gentle on your hair when it's wet. "Wow," one reviewer wrote. "I can't believe what a difference this made in the frizziness of my hair."


An Icy Face Roller To De-Puff Skin, Soothe Headaches, & More

The benefits of this best-selling ice roller never seem to end. Fans swear by it to reduce redness, calm inflammation, and de-puff skin, and many even report that it can help relieve pain from migraines, sinus infections, tension headaches, allergies, and more. "I use this ice roller in my esthetician treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing," one reviewer wrote. "My clients love it!"


A Five-Pack Of Reusable Grocery Bags That Are Compact Enough To Stash In Your Purse

These reusable mesh bags are great for groceries, but they'll also prove useful for a wide range of other practical purposes. Made of durable organic cotton, they're super lightweight and compact, yet strong enough to support up to 40 pounds of weight. "I really like that the straps on these bags are long enough to put on your shoulder," one reviewer reported. Plus, they look chic, too.


A Travel-Ready Poncho That's Both Elegant & Comfortable

With its gorgeous draped design and sumptuous knit construction, this oversized poncho is the definition of relaxed elegance. Pair it with jeans, leggings, or a silky midi skirt – it's the type of easy, throw-on-and-go layering piece that'll look great with just about everything in your closet. Made with double-knit material that's virtually wrinkle-proof, it's an especially great option to pack when you're traveling.


This Gorgeous Jewelry Box That Looks Far More Expensive Than It Actually Is

From its elegant tasseled zipper pulls to its luxe velvet lining, this travel-ready jewelry box looks far more expensive than it actually is. Made of buttery vegan leather, the interior is surprisingly spacious, with all the pockets, hooks, and holders needed to store any type of jewelry. Choose from a wide range of gorgeous colors.


An Adjustable Travel Pillow That Can Be Twisted & Turned So Many Different Ways

Garnering more than 1,000 perfect five-star reviews, this flexible travel pillow is a favorite amongst reviewers who love that it's well-made, comfortable, and can be easily adjusted to best suit your needs. Filled with ultra-plush, supportive memory foam, it has a soft removable cover that can be removed and machine-washed, plus handy snaps at each end to attach to your suitcase when it's not in use.


This Ingenious Way To Help You Keep Track Of Your Stuff

If you're the type of person who's always losing something, you'll love the Tile Pro. Attach it to just about anything — whether it's your purse, keys, or a TV remote — and when you need to find it, pressing a button on your phone will cause the device to play a loud sound. Or, if it's your phone you're always losing, pressing a button on the device will cause your phone to ring, even when it's silent mode.


A Brush-On Powder Sunscreen That's Perfect For Travel & Mid-Day Touch-Ups

It's a good idea to stash this brush-on mineral powder in your purse so you'll always have it on hand — not only does it absorb excess oil to reduce shine, but it also has an SPF of 25 to keep your skin protected from the sun. Plus, the all-natural formula is fortified with a host of super-powered skin care favorites, including manuka honey, bee venom, avocado oil, and many more.


A Compact Humidifier That Doubles As An LED Night Light

Sleek and compact, this cool mist humidifier is portable enough to keep just about anywhere. Use it restore moisture into the air in your bedroom, office, or even your car — since it's powered by a USB, it can be plugged into a portable power bank, a computer, or your car's charging port. The humidifier also features an optional LED nightlight, with seven different color options or a color-changing setting.


The Softest Pair Of Socks You'll Ever Slip On

Beat the winter blues with these thick, fuzzy socks from cult-favorite home and loungewear brand Barefoot Dreams. Made of plush, luxuriously soft microfiber, they're the perfect way to make your feet feel cozy and pampered. Choose from a variety of chic heathered color options, including black, graphite, burgundy, and dusty rose. "When I put these socks on, I feel like I’ve slipped my feet into clouds," commented one reviewer.


Teeny Compressed Towels That Are Great For Camping, Travel, & More

Until you're ready to use them, these wipes are compressed into tiny pellets that can easily be stashed just about anywhere. Get them wet, though, and they'll instantly expand into a large, multi-purpose wet wipe that's perfect for refreshing your face or cleaning up messes. “These are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Individually wrapped and the size of a mint. [...] Perfect for keeping in your purse or car,” one customer raved.


An Adorable Korean Lip Balm That Tastes Like Cherries

While this cherry-shaped lip balm is certainly adorable, it's more than just its cute packaging. Packed with antioxidant-rich fruit extracts that plump, hydrate, and smooth lips, it's formulated with SPF 15 sun protection — a must to protect the extra-delicate skin on your lips. The lightweight, nourishing balm is a favorite amongst Korean beauty lovers, who love its subtle cherry tint and fruity scent. Pro tip: when you finish it, you can reuse the case to hold small things like gum, earrings, vitamins, or medicine.


A Pair Of Ingenious Scissors To Make Chopping Herbs A Breeze

Fresh herbs can truly add that wow-factor to a recipe, but prep can be tedious — without these nifty herb scissors, that is. Made of stainless steel, the scissors' unique five-blade design makes it easy to perfectly and efficiently mince any type of herb — chives, fresh basil, mint, oregano — directly into any dish or pan. No cutting board required!


A Twinkling Curtain Of String Lights To Make Any Space Feel Cozy & Magical

A reviewer-approved way to add some twinkle to your space, these popular string lights have garnered nearly 4,000 perfect five-star reviews. Since they're waterproof, they're suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, and they have eight different light-up modes, making it easy to create your desired effect. "These will transform any room into a magical place," wrote one reviewer.


These "Build Your Own" Leggings That Are Totally Customizable

Finding the perfect pair of leggings is already difficult enough — so when you come across a customizable pair at this price point, it's worth getting excited. Made of a soft, substantial four-way stretch material, the "build-your-own" style lets you choose your preferred length, color, and waistband style.

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


An Eye Mask That Treats Dry, Tired Eyes With Soothing Chamomile-Infused Steam

Soothe dry, tired eyes with this Japanese steam mask. The mask immediately heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit when you take it out of the package and continuously produces a mild, soothing steam for about 20 minutes. Infused with calming chamomile, the steam also feels amazing when you're dealing with a tension headache, migraine, sinus infection, or general eye fatigue.


A Mess-Free Way To Exfoliate Your Lips

After you slough away all the dry, flaky skin with this lip exfoliator, your pout will be left soft, smooth, and perfectly primed for lipstick application. The double-sided silicone tool features two different exfoliating surfaces — one for rougher exfoliation to remove dead skin, and one for massaging the lips to increase circulation and plumpness. "My lips feel so silky and smooth after using this," one reviewer gushed.


A Mini Cocktail Kit That's Perfect For Travel

Whether you're buying it for yourself or giving it as a gift, any mixologist will love this stylish cocktail kit. The kit includes everything you'll need (besides the liquor) to create six perfect Old Fashioneds — a muddler spoon, three types of aromatic bitters, raw cane sugar cubes, stainless steel cocktail picks, and a stylish linen cocktail napkin — all packaged together in a compact, reusable storage tin. It's a must-have for the frequent traveler who loves cocktails.


The Chicest Way To Keep Track Of Who's Drink Is Whose

Not only do these gorgeous Swarovski crystal charms add a sparkling pop of color to any basic glass, but they're a foolproof way to ensure guests' drinks don't get mixed up when you're hosting a dinner or cocktail party. While most wine glass charms attach to a glass's stem, these use powerful magnets to attach to the wall of any type of glass.


A Travel-Friendly Powder Cleanser Rich In Skin-Brightening Botanicals

Packed with essential amino acids and vitamins A, C, and E, this pH-balanced powder cleanser is formulated with papaya enzyme and grapefruit seed oil, which are both known to naturally brighten and exfoliate skin. The unique powder formula turns into a rich, foamy lather when activated by water, making it perfect for travel — and according to reviewers, a little goes a long way. "Makes my skin feel so soft and look so dewy," wrote one fan of the cleanser.


A Miniature Bluetooth Speaker With Surprisingly Great Sound Quality

Reviewers can't stop recommending this mini bluetooth speaker, praising its "full, rich sound," and compact, portable design ("about the size of three Oreos," as one reviewer put it). Sleek and stylish, its sturdy carrying case has a built-in hook for easy hanging. "Wish I could give this amazing piece of technology even more stars," one reviewer gushed.


A Fun Peel-Off Mask That Leaves Skin Soft & Glowing

From its playful packaging to its pearly, holographic look, this Korean peel-off face mask is certainly pretty — but that doesn't mean it won't deliver serious results, too. Packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and brightening pearl and ruby powders, reviewers say the mask leaves skin soft, dewy, and glowing. "Skin definitely looks brighter and more radiant after use," reported one reviewer.


These Unique Scented Candles That'll Remind You Of Home

An excellent gift for a loved one who's far away (or for yourself, if you live far away from home), these unique scented candles are enough to cure anyone from being homesick. Thoughtfully hand-crafted in the USA — using real input from locals — each scent is formulated to embody a different U.S. state, acting as a tiny whiff of home no matter where you are. "The smell made my Texan boyfriend cry," one reviewer reported.


A "Whip Maker" That Turns Any Face Wash Into A Marshmallow-Like Foam

Turn any face wash into a marshmallow-y foam with these Beautyflier Whip Makers. They’re fun and easy to use, and it's a great way to make scrubs and gels feel more gentle on skin since it helps reduce friction.


This Leak-Proof Spout That Aerates Your Wine As It's Being Poured

Simply attaching this glass decanter spout to the bottle before pouring substantially improves the taste of your wine — could anything be more effortless? The leak-proof spout works by exposing the wine to the optimal amount of oxygen, a process otherwise known as aerating. And it really makes a difference, at least according to more than 2,600 perfect five-star reviews. "Simply put, this will make a wine taste three times as good/expensive," one person wrote.

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