35 Clever Things That Ensure Everything In Your Home Has Its Place (& Can Easily Be Found)

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No matter how committed you are to Marie Kondo's minimalist philosophy, it's inevitable that you'll still have closets and pantries full of cooking tools, cleaning supplies, and clothing that you've decided brings you enough joy to keep around.

These gleeful messes are part of a flourishing, vibrant life. Cabinets piled high with plates and serving pieces speak of cozy family meals and elegant dinner parties. A vanity with lipsticks, lotions, and curling irons scattered across it hints at dedicated time for self care; a closet full of soft textures and distinct colors, a sign of creative self-expression.

Happy homes are sure to be filled with these kinds of treasure troves of everyday things that, while delightful and necessary, can still lead to that dreaded feeling of clutter and disorganization. The right products, like these clever things that ensure everything in your home has its place, will help keep your humble abode full of the things you need and love, but clutter-free and tidy.

Finding the proper organization tools will not only make your closets and countertops look great, but it will also save you time. With smart storage solutions, like tiered shelving, drawer dividers, or over-the-door storage baskets, you won't have to rummage through dingy boxes or the back of cabinets to find the things you need.

If you're ready to spend more time enjoying your home and less time trying to find things — or find a place to put things — read on and discover which of the following clever products are right for you.


Drawer Dividers With Separate Compartments To Keep Bras, Briefs, And Socks Organized

Keep your lingerie and sock drawers organized with these drawer dividers. Each set comes with four fabric dividers with sewn-in compartments for socks, underwear, and bras. The containers can be configured to best fit inside your drawers and come in seven colors, including dark gray, pink, turquoise, and beige.


A Minimalist Jewelry Stand With Three Tiers To Keep Your Baubles Tangle-Free

The three T-shaped tiers of this jewelry organizer don't take up much room on a dresser or vanity, but can keep dozens of delicate necklaces, including longer strands, tangle-free and within easy reach. The padded base of the accessory storage stand doubles as a tray for rings and earrings.


A Multipurpose Metal Rack That Will Look Polished No Matter Where You Put It

This magnetic rack attaches to any metal surface, like the side of a fridge or a washing machine, making it easy to reach for your most used items. The steel rack comes as a set of two shelves, with rails to keep spices and other containers in place. Each rack is designed with a strong magnet and can hold up to 5 pounds, so it’ll always stay in place no matter where you position it.


A Rotating Beauty Organizer That Keeps All Of Your Products Within Easy Reach

This rotating organizer can be adjusted to fit beauty products of any size. Four trays can be locked into the partitions at various heights to make room for tall canisters of hairspray or short nail polish bottles. The top tray can accommodate 30 makeup brushes and myriad lipsticks, serums, and other small products.


A Set Of Laundry Bags In Multiple Sizes To Protect Your Most Delicate Items

This set of mesh laundry bags includes five bags of various sizes, so that you can safely wash delicate clothing of any size, including cashmere sweaters, blouses with beading, and bras. Each bag has secure a zipper closure that won't open mid-cycle, and the bags can be tossed in the dryer, too.


A Wall-Mounted Bag Dispenser To Keep Your Plastic Bags Organized

Keep you plastic grocery bags in one contained area with this stainless steel bag dispenser. The dispenser can be mounted inside cabinets or on a wall with the included screws or adhesive tape. When you need a bag, you'll know exactly where to find one. Similar to a tissue box, all you have to do is pull one out through the front slit.


A Rotating Kitchen Organizer That Fits Inside Cabinets

This rotating organizer has three clear compartments that are the perfect size to store small bags of snacks and condiments, or coffee pods and sugar packets. The round turntable fits inside most kitchen cabinets and each bin can be taken out separately when you're ready to refill it.


An Airtight Canister That Easily Dispenses Rice, Cereal, And Other Shelf-Stable Foods

Keep dry, shelf-stable foods stored neatly on your counter and ready to dispense with this rice storage dispenser. The spacious canister has a secure seal to keep moisture out, and it can hold up to 27 pounds of rice (or the equivalent of other dry items, whether it’s cereal, beans, or pet kibble). The one-button operation makes it simple to grab what you need, and when this canister is empty, the materials are simple to clean.


A Storage Solution For All Of Your Food Container Lids

Use this lid organizer to keep your cabinets clutter-free and make it easier to find the right top when you're ready to put away leftovers from dinner. There are five adjustable dividers, which can each accommodate round and square tops up to 9 inches in length. The BPA-free lid rack fits inside most standard kitchen cabinets and even in some deeper drawers.


A Clear Jewelry Box With 3 Velvet-Lined Drawers To Keep You Organized

This clear jewelry box has a three-drawer design, with a variety of devoted compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Each drawer has a molded handle to help it slide out smoothly. The soft, velvet lining protects your jewelry from scratches and comes in your choice of light gray or beige.


A Pan Organizer That Protects Your Cookware From Scratches

Keep your skillets scratch-free and save precious cabinet space with this pan organizer. The metal tray is available in bronze or chrome and can be affixed to cabinets either horizontally or vertically with just one screw, keeping up to five pans securely stowed away.


A Set Of Sliding Drawers To Help Streamline Clutter Under Your Sink

What makes this two-tier organizer special is a sliding system that makes items tucked in the back of the bottom bin easy to reach. The organizer comes with adjustable dividers and comes in clear, frost or gray colors.


A Pack Of Hangers That Instantly Create More Space In Your Closet

These magic hanger organizers create additional closet space by keeping clothes in a vertical cascade. Each hook can hold up to five hangers, so this set of 10 will give you enough slots to securely hang up to 50 dresses, blouses, pants, and more.


A Shelf Rack To Display Your Mugs, Utensils, And More

Create more space in your kitchen with this stainless steel coffee mug holder that easily slides right onto a shelf. It can hold 10 small mugs or six larger cups, or consider using it to hang kitchen utensils or measuring tools.


A Hair Styling Station With Compartments For All Of Your Tools And Products

This compact styling tool stand saves counter space and time by keeping all of your hair tools organized — even mid styling session. Store hot tools, like curling wands, straighteners, and blow-dryers, in the three round compartments, and use the front compartment to store hair products or tuck away an extension cord to keep your vanity tidy.


A Compact Jewelry Box That Can Store Dozens Of Your Favorite Pieces

This jewelry box has two fabric-lined trays designed to safely store your most delicate pieces. Inside the case you'll find 12 ring slots, eight individual squares for stud earrings, and more than a dozen additional compartments, as well as necklace hangers inside the box's lid.


A Silverware Organizer That Only Takes Up Half Your Drawer

This utensil organizer stacks cutlery in angled layers, taking up half the space of traditional trays. One organizer stores 24 pieces, including knives, forks, tablespoons, and teaspoons in separate compartments that are conveniently designated with a small etched icon.


A Whimsical Key Rack To Hang Near Your Front Door

This cloud-shaped magnetic key holder comes with easy-to-remove adhesive to effortlessly attach it to your wall. A powerful magnet inside the cloud can hold several sets of keys, without the need for hooks.


These Undershelf Baskets That Create More Storage With Minimal Effort

This set of two hanging wire baskets grips underneath shelves with no additional hardware needed, creating more storage space in unexpected places— in cabinets, pantries, or even within bookcases. The baskets can fit shelves up to 1.2 inches thick, and are sold in packs of two or four.


A Sturdy Rack To Hold Your Cookie Sheets, Cutting Boards, And Pie Tins

This multi-functional rack allows you to be able to see and access your entire bakeware collection. Seven adjustable dividers can be configured so you can slide in platters, cutting boards, muffin pans, or any other larger pieces with ease. The coated steel dividers are strong, but won't scratch your pans.


Silicone Stemware Protectors That Keep Your Wine Glasses Secure In The Dishwasher

These stemware protectors are made with flexible silicone and come with four in a set. Clip one end onto your wine glass and secure the other to the rack of your dishwasher to prevent scratches and breakage. Best of all, these protectors are compact, so they won’t take up much space in your drawer between uses.


A Contemporary Jewelry Tray That Will Look Great On A Dresser

This two-tier jewelry stand, which has a modern design and a matte metal finish, is as stylish as it is functional. Use the smaller top tier to store rings and small earrings, and the larger bottom tray for reading glasses or a night cream. The stand has a felt bottom to protect your furniture from scratches, too.


An Over-The-Door Rack That's Perfect For Organizing Your Pantry Or Linen Closet

This metal rack can be mounted to the wall or hung over a pantry or closet door. It comes with eight baskets that can all be adjusted depending on your needs, and it's sold in two sizes. There are also four separate guard rails that you can position to keep tall bottles or top-heavy items even more secure.


A Three-Tier Corner Shelf For Stacking Plates Or Lids

Tuck this three-tier shelf into the corner of a cabinet to neatly store plates, pots, lids, and bowls. Made from iron with a chrome finish, this sturdy rack can accommodate plates with a 10.5-inch diameter, and has 3.38 inches of height between shelves.


A Genius Way To Keep Cutting Boards Within Easy Reach

This over-the-door organizer has more than 1,800 glowing five-star reviews because it's just so convenient. It can be hung on cabinet doors to utilize overlooked space and help you keep your cooking or cleaning supplies organized. The steel basket is 3.6 inches deep and 9.5 inches tall, to keep items like cutting boards, muffin tins, or aluminum foil in place.


A Set Of Bamboo Dividers That Have So Many Uses

Use these heavy-duty bamboo drawer dividers to instantly organize any utensils in the kitchen, socks in your bedroom dresser, or even tools in the garage. The planks can be adjusted to fit just about any drawer size, and a spring mechanism keeps them securely in place, which also makes it easy to configure them in new ways.


A Stylish Charging Station With Room For All Of Your Devices

This natural bamboo charging station can power up six devices at a time, with three large slots to accommodate tablets and phones, and two smaller compartments for a smartwatch and earbuds. The slotted top lifts up to reveal a storage box that keeps all cables out of sight, and an opening in the back panel allows you to plug your devices into power outlets or an extension cord.


A Sturdy Countertop Organizer For Your Most Used Hair Tools

Keep your blowdryer, hair straightener, or curling iron accessible with this countertop holder. Made from steel, the sturdy organizer has two upright compartments big enough for most standard hair tools. The metal basket underneath protects your countertops from scorch marks, so you can set down your tools mid-styling if you need to free up your hands.


A Shower Caddy With Ample Storage Space And Four Hooks

This shower caddy fits over your shower head with a no-slip grip and has two suction cups that keep it firmly in place. The steel container has a rust-resistant chrome finish that will keep it looking polished, and two baskets of different heights to fit products of all sizes. The four hooks on the bottom can hang body brushes, washcloths, and loofahs, as an added bonus.


A Modern Set Of Floating Shelves To Arrange Over Your Sink, Vanity, And More

This set of white floating shelves is simple to install and requires no drilling — just use the damage-free adhesive plates to affix them to your wall to use for storage or as a decorative accent for succulents, candles, and more. Each set includes four shelves in three different sizes, so you’ll have the perfect little spot for anything you need.


A Slim Rolling Cart That Can Be Tucked Away Into Small Spaces

Use this space-efficient cart to turn small, under-utilized corners of your home into storage for toiletries or cleaning products. It’s just 5.1 inches wide, which means it can fit into the most modest of spaces. With four shelves and multiple hooks, it has a sleek, stainless steel frame and comes in white, gray, or black, so you can opt for the color that blends in with your space the best.


A Stylish Pencil Case To Keep Writing Tools Organized

This canvas clutch can be used as a chic, grown-up take on a pencil case, as a bag for all of your airplane necessities, or as a makeup bag. Two zippered pouches can hold up to 50 pens and pencils, and two small inside pockets can be used to store sharpeners, and any other small items that you'd normally have to rummage for. There's also a panel with five elastic holders for your most used pens or makeup brushes. The bag comes in six adorable colors and prints, like plaid (pictured) polka dots, and charcoal gray.


A Rolling Basket That Slides Easily Under Your Bed

This rolling basket is a great way to take advantage of the space under your bed. Unlike traditional plastic storage bins, the wire frame and elevated basket make it harder for dirt and dust to settle in it, and the wheels make it easy to slide in and out of place.


A Canned Goods Organizer With More Than 3,000 Perfect Five-Star Reviews

This can organizer has three tiers and adjustable dividers to accommodate non-perishables like canned soups, tuna, dog food, and even rolls of wax paper and foil. The 11.5-inch deep organizer fits inside most standard kitchen cabinets, saving a ton of space while keeping products visible.


An Essential Storage Solution For Your Ironing Supplies

Hang this ironing caddy on a closet, bathroom, or laundry room door to keep ironing boards out of the way, but still easy to grab. The unit holds both T-leg and four-leg boards secure and has an additional cage at the top for your iron. No place to hang it on a door? No worries — it can also be wall-mounted.

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