31 Incredibly Chic Things For Your Home Under $50 On Amazon

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by Julia O'Donnell
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Stacks of Turkish bath towels in vibrant, saturated colors. A dainty bundle of dried lavender in your favorite heirloom vase. Intricate macramé wall hangings made of sun-bleached cotton rope. Once, finding treasures like these required more than a few trips to boutiques, outdoor markets, and antiques shops. However, times have changed — and today, you can score these and other incredibly chic things for your home for under $50 on Amazon — just don’t be surprised if nobody believes where you found them.

Of course, there’s a reason why not everyone has purchased a 3-foot tall majesty palm tree from Amazon just yet. While the online retailer sells dozens of unique, hand-crafted items from skilled local artisans and small family businesses, finding these hidden gems for yourself often requires a fair amount of digging. But don't worry, because the work has been done for you. Hand-selected by editors because they’re both useful and chic, these 31 picks, rounded up ahead, represent the best of what Amazon has to offer. Plus, everything costs just $50 or less, and, of course, most items are eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Giving your space some character has never felt more effortless.


A More Hygienic Alternative To Your Traditional Fabric Bath Mat — And It's Super Stylish, Too

There are several reasons why you should replace your old fabric bath mat with a bamboo one. For starters, bamboo is absolutely gorgeous, and will add a modern, natural element to your bathroom decor. Plus, it's one of the most environmentally-friendly natural materials out there, and it's also naturally antibacterial, as well as hypoallergenic and quick-drying, meaning it's less likely to grow moldy or slimy when exposed to moisture. Choose from four sizes and two bamboo finishes: black or "natural" (pictured).


A Dozen Live House Plants That You Don't Need A Green Thumb To Care For — And They Come In Gorgeous Pastel Colors

Succulents already have a reputation for being exceptionally low-maintenance, but the fact that you can order 12 of them on Amazon takes things to another level. They're even eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping! The succulents come in different varieties, all chosen for their pretty pastel colors, and are the perfect size to repot in any 2-inch planter.


These Stylish Turkish Bath Towels That Dry Quickly And Are Super Absorbent

Once you own these Turkish bath towels, you'll likely wonder how you ever lived without them. Turkish towels are made of soft, ultra-absorbent cotton, and have a thin, smooth texture that dries faster than traditional terrycloth. Not only are they completely gorgeous, but fans say they're especially great for the beach, since they don't attract sand like most towels do, and are compact enough to fit inside your tote.


A Set Of Two Satin Pillowcases To Bring New Meaning To The Term "Beauty Sleep"

These satin pillowcases provide all the same benefits to your skin and hair as real silk would — including reduced breakage, tangles, and knots — all at a mere fraction of the price. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that they'll make your bedtime routine feel infinitely more luxurious, or that they come in 15 gorgeous colors, including emerald, lavender, silver, and turquoise.


A Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Humidifier And Night Light

This essential oil diffuser not only serves as an all-natural alternative to an artificially scented air freshener, but it also doubles as a compact humidifier and color-changing nightlight. The 700-milliliter tank can run continuously for up to 20 hours, after which it will automatically shut off to prevent accidents. Reviewers say the device is durable, quiet, and easy to use, giving it over 1,500 perfect five-star reviews thus far.


An Expensive-Looking Throw Blanket With Lots Of Textural Appeal

This throw blanket will instantly elevate any space in your home; use it to layer sumptuous texture, incorproate a new color, and make couches, beds, or chairs look warmer and more inviting. Made of mid-weight acrylic with a textured design on one side, the throw is available in two sizes and 16 different colors.


These Vintage-Inspired String Lights That Can Be Used Inside Or Outdoors

Large globe-shaped bulbs give these versatile string lights vintage-inspired appeal — whether you use them indoors or outdoors, their warm, inviting glow will make any space feel magical. Each 25-foot string is dotted with 25 bulbs, and up to three strings can be connected together to create a total length of 75 feet. "These lights make our balcony look so cozy and whimsical at night," reported one reviewer.


These Top-Rated Pillow Covers To Add Gorgeous Texture And Color To Any Space

Available in a rainbow of shades to add the perfect pop of color to any space, these textured corduroy throw pillow covers are a hit among reviewers, who gave them over 1,600 positive reviews thus far, resulting in an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars. And what's not to love? They're timeless and well-made, they're sold in surprisingly affordable packs of two, and come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any standard pillow.


This Bamboo Bath Caddy To Take Your Spa Days To The Next Level

Spending the night in? Take your self-care sessions up a notch with this gorgeous bamboo bathtub caddy. It has plenty of space for all your essentials — candles, wine, bath salts, a book — and its width is adjustable, so it'll fit your tub perfectly. And, since bamboo dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial, the caddy is unlikely to grow moldy, even after repeated exposure to steam and moisture in your bathroom.


This Popular Makeup Organizer That's Rotatable And Customizable

Keeping makeup neat and organized can be far trickier than you'd think — unless you have this rotating makeup organizer, that is. Made of durable hard plastic, it's designed to rotate a full 360 degrees, and it's completely clear, making it easy to view and access all of your products. Plus, it's adjustable; the dividers in the top shelf can be rearranged or removed, and the height of the middle shelves can be also be customized.


A Set Of Macramé Wall Hangings To Add An Artsy Touch To Your Walls

Add a natural, artsy element to your home's decor with these gorgeous macramé wall hangings. The hangings are sold in a pack of two distinct designs, with one measuring 13 by 10 inches, and the other slightly longer at 16 by 10 inches. Each is woven of thick, 100% cotton rope, in a pretty shade of ivory that complements almost any color scheme.


A Gorgeous Floor Plant That Comes Pre-Potted And Ready To Go

Proof that your really can order anything on Amazon, this 3-foot Majesty palm tree will arrive on your doorstep healthy, growing, and already potted in a chic decorative planter — all you'll need to do is decide where it will live in your home. "Awesome," one reviewer gushed. "Really, that's all I can say. Who would think you could buy a full-size palm for home or office from Amazon?!"


These LED-Powered Marquee Lights That Let You Create Your Own Unique Sign

Create your own custom marquee sign with these vintage-inspired letter lights. The LED-powered lights are sold in individual letters, numbers, and symbols, making it easy to spell out a unique message of your choice. Powered by AA batteries, they're completely portable, so you won't need to worry about placing them near an electrical outlet.


A Slow-Burning Soy Wax Candle That Comes In So Many Interesting Scents

Who doesn't love a great scented candle? Amazon reviewers certainly love this one, anyway — it has over 3,000 perfect five-star reviews, with an above-average overall rating of 4.6 stars. Hand-poured in the USA using slow-burning soy wax, it comes in a variety of unique natural scents, with Pineapple Evergreen being an especially popular choice.


These Luxe Velvet Pillow Covers To Add Complementary Pops Of Color To Your Space

These decorative throw pillow covers are an effortless way to add a vibrant pop of color to any couch, chair, or bed. Made of rich, sumptuous velvet with an elegant tasseled trim, they're available in a variety of sizes designed to fit most standard pillows. Choose from 20 stylish colors, ranging from understated neutrals to bright electric tones.


A Magnetic Wall Plate With So Multiple Possible Uses

Whether you own magnetic spice jars like those shown above, or you simply want to show off your magnetic poetry collection, this magnetic wall plate provides you with more space to use magnets, if space on your refrigerator is limited. Interesting in buying the magnetic jars to go with your board? They're available here, in three sets of different sizes.


An LED Light That Clips Discreetly Onto Your Switch Plate

You'll never see this LED light, until the time comes to use it. The light discreetly clips onto your existing light switch plate — no tools, hardware, or batteries required. During the day, it's essentially invisible, but at night, it'll automatically turn on, ensuring you'll always be able to switch the lights on without fumbling around in the dark.


These Bundles Of Dried Lavender That Look And Smell Amazing

Not only do these dried lavender bundles look gorgeous and smell absolutely amazing, but lavender is also widely known for its soothing, calming effects. The all-natural, hand-picked lavender bundles are sold in sets of two; place them in a decorative vase or jar and put them anywhere in your home.


A Gorgeous Magnetic Knife Block Made Of Natural Bamboo

Made of smooth, natural bamboo, this magnetic knife stand will look super modern and stylish sitting on your kitchen counter. It's not all about aesthetics, though — it's also an efficient storage solution, and makes it easy to see and access your full selection of kitchen knives. Reviewers say the stand is sturdy and well-made, and note that the base is covered in a scratch-proof, non-slip pad, which prevents it from slipping around or scratching your countertop.


A Hanging Curtain Of Twinkling Lights To Make Any Indoor Or Outdoor Space Feel Magical

Create a twinkling wall of pure magic with this gorgeous string light curtain — safe for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be hung over a window, over a headboard, on the porch, along a balcony... you get the idea. The lights even have eight different settings to choose from, including twinkles, flashing, waves, and slow fade. "These will transform any room into a magical place," one reviewer wrote.


These Old-Fashioned Drawer Liners That Are Scented With Rose, Lavender, Or Fresh Linen

Scented drawer liners may seem a bit old-fashioned, but once you've tried them for yourself, you'll wonder why anyone ever stopped using them in the first place. Because the paper is super heavy and durable, you don't even need adhesive to install it. Simply cut the paper to the size of your drawers, place the cut piece in the bottom, and you're set — it's that easy.


A Retro Bluetooth Speaker That Produces Richer, Clearer Sound

The fact that it's made of wood makes this Bluetooth speaker more attractive than most, but that's not its only key feature. The solid wooden closure minimizes acoustic resonance, which results in clearer, richer sound. "I have to say, this speaker for the price is amazing," one reviewer wrote. "It houses two speakers and a subwoofer, so it legitimately has actual bass, unlike all the other speakers that sound like a tin can."


A Soft, Plush Throw Blanket With Chic Pom-Pom Tassels

Put this velvety-soft throw blanket in any room of the house — not only will it instantly make beds, couches, and chairs feel cozy and inviting, but it'll also add rich layers of color and texture to complement your decor. The microfiber flannel it's made with feels luxuriously plush, and the pom-pom tassel trim adds a fun, playful touch. Choose from eight colors.


These Stemless Wine Glasses That Look Like Glass, But Are Way More Durable

Although they're indistinguishable from real glass, these stemless wine glasses are actually made of shatterproof hard plastic, meaning they're far more durable that traditional glassware. Sold in a set of eight, they're also dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. "I'm a bit of a glassware snob, and really do not enjoy the feel of a plastic cup rim against my lips," one reviewer shared. "These Vivocci stemless wine goblets are the exception — they are really nice to drink from."


A Gorgeous Bamboo Serving Tray With A Hidden Drawer For Cheese Knives

A must for anyone who loves to entertain, this serving board is designed with all the features you'll need to create a perfect charcuterie spread. Made of smooth, solid bamboo, the board has a wide groove at the edges to hold bread or crackers, and plenty of space in the center for cheeses, meats, and spreads. It even has a slide-out drawer, which holds four stainless steel knives for cutting and spreading.


A Plush Suction Cup Pillow To Make Your Baths More Comfortable

During your next relaxing soak in the tub, support your neck and shoulders with this luxuriously plush bath pillow. Made of quick-drying quilted mesh, the pillow uses six strong suction cups to attach itself firmly to the wall of your tub. "I have ordered 3-4 different bath pillows, and this one is my favorite by far! It is sooo much more comfortable and soft than a typical plastic bath pillow," reported one reviewer.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That's Also Great For Looseleaf Tea

If the cost of your daily Starbucks run is starting to add up, it's time to invest in this user-friendly cold brew maker. The rich, smooth taste of cold-brewed coffee is hard to achieve with a regular coffee maker, but once you have this, it's practically foolproof. Simply pour cold water over your favorite ground coffee, then place the whole thing in the fridge to brew overnight. Yep, it's that easy.


A Gorgeous Crystal Wine Decanter That Comes With Its Own Leak-Proof Aerator Spout

Make a cheap bottle of wine taste 10 times more expensive with this crystal wine decanter, which comes complete with its own leak-proof, aerating spout. Both decanting and aerating work together to improve the taste of wine by exposing it to the optimal amount of oxygen. "This is absolutely a genuinely stunning piece of glassware," commented one reviewer.


A Hanging Wall Mirror That’ll Fit In With Any Decor

It’s hard to think of a room this mirror wouldn’t look good in. The back is coated with velvet so as not to damage your walls, and it hangs gently off a hook or screw, so putting it up couldn’t be simpler. Put it in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or entry hall to add a chic and functional touch.


These Macramé Hanging Planters Made Of Natural Cotton Rope

Hang your favorite house plants in these macramé hangers; their artsy-chic, handcrafted look will perfectly complement many different types of decor. Plus, if your home has limited amounts of natural light, hanging your plants near a window can make a huge difference. Sold in a set of two, the planters are made of durable cotton rope, with a metal ring at the top for hanging.


A Hassle-Free Way To Give Household Surfaces A Makeover

Marble elevates everything it touches, which is what makes this temporary marble wallpaper so great. The "paper" — which is made of durable, waterproof PVC, and looks convincingly similar to real marble — is backed with a removable adhesive, making it easy to cover countertops, shelves, cabinets, drawers, and basically any other smooth surface you can imagine.

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