42 Home Products On Amazon That Look Crazy Expensive But Aren’t


Oftentimes, the price you pay for an item is directly correlated to the quality and the aesthetic — but not always. Smart shoppers know how to find useful products that look expensive, but aren't, so they can upgrade their space without breaking the bank. These days, when it comes to the "where," Amazon is the best place to start.

Due to the countless options and the side-by-side price comparisons, it's relatively easy to find affordable luxuries for yourself, as well as classy gifts that only seem pricey. Specifically in the home department, Amazon has some of the best deals on high-end housewares and must-have decor pieces. The process really all comes down to some old-fashioned perusing, but if you're on a time budget as well as a monetary one, I'm here to help. I've scoured Amazon to find the best budget-friendly kitchen gadgets, storage solutions, bathroom fixtures, and home decorating products, so all you have to do is narrow down your needs and pick the color option that best suits your space.

In short, if you're looking to bring more personality to your home, these 43 luxurious housewares are high-quality, practical, and elegant — and the prices are all significantly lower than you'd expect.


This Transparent Block Set With Five Stainless Steel Knives

The Utopia Kitchen set comes with five solid, stainless steel tools: a chef's knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife. All of them have a designated spot in the transparent acrylic stand, which protects your knives, but also keeps them readily available in a space-optimized display on your counter.


A Bamboo Over-The-Bath Caddy That Holds All Your Essentials

By essentials, I mean wine, candles, and a good book. The LANGRIA bathtub caddy has room for all of the aforementioned and more. It's made from solid, eco-friendly bamboo to stand up to weight as well as water, and it has sliding trays and non-slip pads to suit virtually all kinds of tubs.


These Shatter-Resistant Cutting Boards Made From Sanitary Glass

Unlike wood, they're non-porous to prevent the growth of bacteria, and unlike plastic, they won't release potentially harmful chemicals into your food. The Clever Chef cutting board set is made from shatter-resistant tempered glass and has rubber feet on the bottom for stability and slip-resistance. The boards are also dishwasher-safe and come in a set of four for all your chopping, serving, and displaying needs.


A Crystal Decanter That Doubles As A Statement Piece For Your Table

The USBOQO crystal decanter is meant for so much more than easy pouring, though its tapered spout does help minimize drips. Its large-capacity carafe can hold up to two bottles of wine simultaneously, and its curved design allows for optimal aeration, which opens up the flavors and distributes the sediment. Finally, since it's made from crystal glass, it won't release unwanted chemicals into your drink.


A "Lovely Piece Of Art" That Diffuses Your Favorite Essential Oils

It may make for a "beautiful piece of art" thanks to the hand-blown marble design, but reviewers say that this oil diffuser is also "an excellent aromatherapy device" due to the ultrasonic vibration, large tank capacity, and three different timer settings. It also has seven color options and shuts off automatically when the water runs out.


This Eye-Catching Wine Rack That Looks Like It Cost You Double

Display your wine collection on any surface for just $14, thanks to the PAG free-standing rack. Despite the surprisingly affordable price tag, the interior is constructed with quality metal wire and the exterior features a power-coat finish that's resistant to rusting and chipping. This curved, contemporary shape holds seven bottles, but it's also available in six-bottle, nine-bottle, and ten-bottle designs.


Everything You Need For An Impressive Charcuterie Plate

Impress your guests with an eye-catching charcuterie plate, or gift the VonShef cheese board to the person who loves to entertain. This tiered plate is made from all-natural bamboo and comes with three matching tools for cutting, serving, and spreading.


This Classy Stand That Holds Your Lid And Ladle Simultaneously

For those who are tired of wiping up sauce, soup, and condensation, the YAMAZAKI home stand is a worthy investment. It's made from durable steel and works to prop up your ladle and pot lid simultaneously, all while catching any drips. (You can use it as a cookbook stand, too.)


This Brilliant Appliance That Cooks All Styles Of Eggs Automatically

Impress your guests with effortless omelets and delicious deviled eggs. The HoLife automatic egg cooker does it all thanks to its interchangeable trays and one-touch temperature control system. Since the non-electric parts are all dishwasher-safe, clean-up is a breeze, as well. "I used to be afraid of cooking hard boiled eggs," one reviewer writes, "but this device really is a godsend for the kitchen."


This Rotating Cosmetics Carousel For A Sleek, Organized Vanity

With various-sized shelves, 360-degree rotation, and three convenient slots, the Sorbus cosmetic organizer ensures that all your makeup is neat, visible, and readily accessible. It's made entirely from bamboo, which is eco-friendly as well as easy to clean. "It looks great and holds so much," one reviewer writes. "I was able to organize everything on my bathroom counter and now cleaning my bathroom is a breeze — just pick up the organizer and clean the area underneath/around it."


These Storage Containers That You'll Want To Show Off

Food storage containers are expensive, which is why so many people default to mismatched plastic sets and used takeout containers. These Brabantia stackables, on the other hand, are surprisingly affordable, and they beg to be seen on your exposed shelving and in your well-organized pantry. They're made from resilient glass and feature airtight lids in subtle, contemporary colors — not to mention they stack on top of each other to save space.


This Infrared Automatic Soap Dispenser That Prevents The Spread Of Germs

Place the Cakie automatic soap dispenser in your kitchen or bathroom, so after you've handled raw chicken or gone to the toilet, you can wash your hands without spreading the bacteria. This stainless steel dispenser has a waterproof base, four different volume settings, and an infrared sensor that detects your hand with accuracy. It's also designed to prevent dripping and trailing.


A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That Doesn't Skimp On Quality

Available in seven different sizes and 33 various colors, the ALASKA BEAR pillowcase is one of the most affordable 100-percent mulberry pillowcases on the market — especially considering that it's dual-sided, naturally dyed, handmade, and affixed with with a hidden zipper. Since it's hypoallergenic and especially gentle on hair and skin, beauty buffs and those with sensitive skin are "in love."


A Modern Key Rack So You Always Know Where To Find Your Essentials

The YAMAZAKI home key rack is magnetic, so it'll attach to metal doors or your refrigerator without damage. (It also has screw holes if you choose to mount it onto dry wall.) This sleek, steel fixture features six hooks and a shelf to hold all your essentials — so you never again have to go searching for your keys, sunglasses, or umbrella again.


The Most Stylish And Convenient Way To Store Your Salt

Chefs (whether novice or professional) know that access to their ingredients is paramount to efficient cooking. The Fox Run salt cellar is made from white marble and has a sealing lid that prevents moisture and residue from getting inside. It also stores easily and stylishly on your counter, so when it's time to salt water or garnish a dish, you can simply reach over and take what you need.


A Versatile Stand For Your Bathroom, Kitchen, Or Dresser

The reviews section is teeming with creative uses for this AmazonBasics towel stand. The double-tiered racks, heavy base, and durable bars mean that it can in fact dry and display your towels, but buyers also use it for jewelry, headbands, dishrags, and watches. It's available in black, bronze, and nickel finishes.


A Transparent Kettle That Boils Right On Your Counter

Travelers, avid tea drinkers, and those without stove-tops know the wonders of an electric kettle, and according to reviewers, this one from Harbor is one of the best available. "The kettle is simple to use, easy to clean, and does heat up quickly," one buyer writes. It also features a stay-cool handle, a cord storage system built into the base, an automatic shut-off feature, a fully transparent glass body, and a soft blue LED light so you always know when it's on.


A Reversible Velvet-Sherpa Throw Blanket That's Available In Six Colors

Whether you use it for comfort in your reading nook, texture in your living area, or a pop of color in your bedroom, the Genteele Sherpa blanket adds an upscale, classy touch to any space. This reversible throw features plush faux-sheepskin on one side and microfiber cashmere velvet on the other. Since it's available in three sizes and six colors, reviewers are purchasing multiples for all different rooms.


This Four-Pound Vacuum That Transforms Into Three Different Tools

The Eureka Blaze three-in-one vacuum takes mere seconds to transform into a handheld, then a dust-buster, and back to a stick vacuum. When all the parts are combined, it weighs under 4 pounds and transports easily from one room to the next. Last but not least, its two-amp motor, washable filtration system, attachable crevice tool, and large capacity bin make it the "best small vacuum on the market," according to buyers.


A Discreet Toilet Brush That Takes Up Minimal Space In Your Bathroom

The mDesign toilet brush measures 16 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, so it's suitable for small bathrooms and tight powder rooms. That said, its space-saving design doesn't ask you to compromise on quality. It's made from shatter-resistant materials, strong bristles, and BPA-free plastic — plus, the sleek handle curves outward to double as a splash shield and lid cover.


A Compact, Affordable Air Purifier That's Actually Efficient

A high-quality air purifier can cost you hundreds of dollars, but the hOmeLabs compact unit filters out dust, smoke, allergens, and pet dander while simultaneously releasing negative ions into your space — all for $40. Thanks to its three-stage filters, reviewers say they're "so surprised at the difference [in the air quality,]" and the fact that it fits on your desk, bookshelf, or bedside table is an added bonus.


These Gorgeous Motion Sensor Lights That You Can Mount Anywhere

These OxyLED lights don't require an empty plug. Due to the fact that they're wireless, battery-operated, and can be hung with adhesive tape or screws, you can mount them virtually anywhere that requires hands-free illumination. Using their advanced detection technology, they'll sense your presence and light up as soon as you enter the room.


A Modern Glass Carafe With A Drip-Resistant Pouring Lid

Store your filtered water in a toxin-free vessel, keep your drinks sanitary while they're out on the porch, or pour some freshly-squeezed lemonade without the slices getting in the way. The Hiware drip-free carafe is made with heat-resistant glass and features a silicone-and-steel lid that automatically flips open when you go to pour. It's available in three sizes, and all shapes are designed to fit effortlessly in your refrigerator.


This Contemporary Accent That's As Practical As It Is Beautiful

Whether you use it as a toothbrush holder, vase, makeup brush holder, or bedside water glass, the mDesign square tumbler has high ratings for a reason. The squared corners and metallic base give it a sleek, contemporary look, but this cup is anything but fragile — it's made out of BPA-free, shatter-resistant material and a rust-resistant finish. Get it in black, white, gold, or rose gold.


An Ergonomic Pillow With Adjustable Memory Foam Layers

The LANGRIA orthopedic pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions. For one, its memory foam layers are detachable and removable to help you find your optimal loft. For another, the curved orthopedic design can be flipped depending on your preferred support level, and finally, the breathable mesh cover can be removed and machine-washed for hot sleepers who want to keep things sanitary.


A Dual-Faced Rainfall Showerhead That Installs Without Tools

Drastically upgrade your shower experience with the DreamSpa three-in-one. This easily-installed fixture features an extra large rainfall head, a handheld face with seven different settings, and an adjustable overhead bracket that allows you to customize the optimal angle and the waterflow. Best of all, even those who have never installed a shower head before say it took them "about ten minutes" and you "really don't need any tools."


This Sleek, Wooden Clock Fit For The Minimalist

When it comes to embracing minimalism in your everyday life, you'll want to recreate your space with simple, practical objects that serve a purpose. The Oct17 alarm clock is made from lightweight wood and displays the time, date, and temperature using sleek LED digits — and it even has voice- and motion-activated modes for those who are sensitive to light. Power it via a USB cable or batteries, and purchase it in your choice of four different wood finishes.


Some Stainless Steel Ice Cubes That Preserve The Favor Of Your Drink

Traditional ice cubes melt in minutes, but since these Kollea cubes are made from food-grade stainless steel, they won't dilute your drink with water. They're also reusable, dishwasher-safe, come with a pair of tongs, and feature a non-toxic gel interior that keeps them colder for longer.


These Elegant Blackout Curtains That Also Insulate Heat And Sound

Emphasize your windows when they're open, and block out up to 99 percent of light when they're closed. These blackout curtains come in several color and size options and are made from sturdy, machine-washable polyester that also reduces external sounds and helps to thermally insulate your space. As a result, reviewers say that they sleep better for longer, but they're also able to optimize an inefficient AC unit and minimize loud neighbors and landscapers.


This Smart, Safe Way To Enjoy Your Tea On The Go

A mug of loose-leaf tea isn't solely reserved for lazy weekends. Bring your favorite blend with you on the go thanks to the TOPOKO bottle. This travel mug is made from toxin-free borosilicate glass and has a built-in metal mesh infuser. It's also leak-proof and comes with an insulating and protective sleeve that features a carrying loop.


A Quality Shag Bath Mat To Warm Up Your Bathroom

It's rare to find a shag rug for a good price — nevermind a shag rug that's non-slip, extremely soft, and durable enough to handle water absorption. This one from NORCHO is available in four colors and has a soft, thick microfiber pile that absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Thanks to the non-skid rubber backing, it's safe and suitable for under the sink, next to the shower, and beside the tub. It's even machine-washable, too.


These Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls With A Few Brilliant Features

These Bellemain mixing bowls are easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to use. Much like your average set, they nest inside one another to save space when not in use — but they also have a few genius features that other bowls do not. They each come with a tight-fitting, BPA-free lid to keep the contents fresh, and they have measurements etched on the insides to help with your recipes. Finally, the bottoms have an external non-slip silicone coating that keep the bowls in place while you mix.


These Diamond-Shaped Glasses That Aerate Your Drink

You've never seen tumblers quite like this. They're made from borosilicate glass and fashioned to look like a diamond — and due to the pointed bottom and faceted base, they easily rotate to aerate your wine, whiskey, or scotch. Reviewers say they make a lovely gift as well as a "conversational piece of glassware" when bought for your own home.


This Memory Foam Pillow For An Impromptu Reading Nook Anywhere

If you don't have a reading nook of your own, the Springcoo pillow creates one virtually anywhere. It's filled with shredded memory foam for support and has an adjustable neck roll so you can find the optimal reading angle. The double storage pockets are ideal for bookmarks and E-reader chargers, and the soft-to-the-touch cover is removable and washable should you ever spill your tea.


A Hypoallergenic Throw Rug That Makes For "The Perfect Accent"

Because it's available in 12 different shapes and sizes, buyers use the YJ.GWL faux-sheepskin as an area rug, a chair cover, and even a photo backdrop. Reviewers say the "generous cut and thick pile" make it the "perfect accent" to warm up a space. It's also made with a non-slip suede backing and the entire thing is machine-washable in case of spills and high-traffic. Plus, it's available in various colors.


A Touch-Activated LED Mirror With Various Magnification Panels

With its 180-degree swivel rotation, three different magnification panels, and touch-activated LED light, reviewers say that the Absolutely Lush vanity mirror will transform your grooming routine: "It makes it so much easier to put my makeup on, no matter what time of day." Power it with the included USB plug, or put in some batteries for wireless use anywhere.


This Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp That's Rechargeable And Adjustable

The FITFORT desk lamp has a compact, minimalist design, but its features also ensure eye-friendly illumination for any setting. The flicker-free LED bulbs can be dimmed as well as set to warm, white, and natural. It also has built-in anti-blue technology to protect your eyes and ensure that the light does not impact your body's natural rhythms. Finally, the lamp is USB-powered as well as rechargeable for cordless use, and the head rotates to direct the light any which way.


A Quality Milk Frother For Lattes And Cappuccinos At Home

Thanks to its stainless steel whisk, high-efficiency motor, and rechargeable battery, the Zulay frother takes only seconds to create a lightweight, foamy base for your lattes and cappuccinos. It works on all types of milk (including whole, soy, almond, and cashew), and reviewers say it's the "first one [they've] owned" that didn't become bent, warped, or unbalanced with daily use.


These Brass Utensils So You Can Stir, Serve, And Scoop In Style

Add a touch of mid-century-inspired style to your kitchen with this brass utensils set. Each one has a core of stainless steel, but is coated in durable titanium to give it its shiny yellow appearance. They also feature loop-edged handles for comfortable use and hanging storage.


A $40 Cast Iron Dutch Oven With A 4.5-Star Rating

Cast iron is considered a must-have in any chef's arsenal because it locks in the flavors; needless to say, the Lodge dutch oven is a deal you shouldn't forego. This $40 cast iron pot is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and holds up to 5 quarts at once. It also comes with a handled lid and has reviewers raving: "When dinner warms up a sense of accomplishment along with exotic flavors you've never visited before, you know you can't stop there... Just do yourself the favor — get the pot."


This Portable French Press That Reviewers Call "The Best In The World"

You may be perpetually busy or always on the go, but that doesn't mean you should compromise on an incredible cup of coffee. The KOHIPRESS portable coffee maker is a travel mug and a French press all in one — just drop in the grounds, pour in some boiling water, and press the steel mesh filter downwards. Buyers love it because it's leak-proof, suitable for camping and travel, stays hot for hours, and makes "the most amazing" coffee.


This Electric Appliance For Effortless Fresh Juices

The LUUKMONDE electric juicer comes with two interchangeable cones for various types of freshly-squeezed juices. Simply cut your lemons, oranges, or grapefruits in half, press the fruit down onto the appropriate cone, and allow the juicer to spin, filter out the pulp, and collect the liquid. Its large-capacity jug is BPA-free and even features a spout for easy pouring.

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