27 Things On Amazon That Make Your Closets & Drawers So Much Better

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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How you store the things you love or regularly use can impact their longevity, cost you time scouring shelves and closets, and can even affect your mood. A favorite silk blouse lost in a sea of sweaters or bunched up on a shelf will live out its days wrinkled and unworn. Digging through a drawer of mismatched socks, or loose makeup products will become a less than grounding morning routine. And a smelly gym bag could put you off working out, indefinitely.

Luckily, Amazon's home department is full of things that make your closets and drawers so much better, like smart storage systems, space-saving hangers, and even a few products that tackle unpleasant odors.

All of these products aim to make the best of your home's space. If you have overflowing closets, there are vertical organizers that take advantage of your limited rods and over-the-door hooks that let you finally see your full handbag collection. Adjustable bamboo dividers will straighten out messes in drawers big and small; scented sachets and liners will give linen closets a delicate, fresh fragrance.

Not only do these things make your closets and drawers look tidier, but they'll also save you time by making everything easy to see and easy to reach.

If you're ready to give your closets, drawers, and cupboards a makeover, you'll find lots of amazing tools from Amazon to help you on the list below.


Scented Drawer Liners That Look And Smell Like A Spring Garden

Bursting with fragrance, these drawer liners can be cut to fit your lingerie drawer or the shelves of your linen closet. Available in two calming scents — including lavender and vanilla — each package contains six extra-large sheets printed with botanical motifs to match each aroma.


Clever Hangers That Create More Closet Space

These Black Magic hangers keep your closets in order and create additional space. Hook both sides of the hanger on your clothing rack and then hang everything from skirts and shirts to camisoles and trousers. When you're done, unclip one side and your clothes will be in a neat vertical cascade. This pack of 10 hangers can hold the equivalent of 50 traditional clothes hangers while taking up far less room.


A Handy Drawer Organizer With Adjustable Dividers And Trays

This drawer organizer is actually a set of four adjustable trays that can be configured to best serve your needs, whether you want to tidy up your junk drawer or find a better way to store your makeup. The four trays come with 12 adjustable dividers and 20 glue dots that will keep the containers from sliding around by securing them together.


A Set Of Reusable Charcoal Bags That Will Eliminate Odors In Everything From Shoes To Pantries

Filled with bamboo charcoal, these air purifying bags are small enough to fit in your sneakers, but can also be hung discreetly in a coat closet or tucked away on a refrigerator shelf. Not only do the pouches remove odors, but they also absorb moisture, which helps prevent mildew and mold. Each bag will keep its potency for up to two years. To reactivate the charcoal, place the bag in a sunny spot for an hour once a month.


An Expandable Utensil Tray That Will Fit Perfectly In Almost Any Drawer

This utensil organizer has the ability to expand from four to five compartments by simply sliding it open. With its adjustable width, this BPA-free cutlery tray can fit inside almost any drawer — from vanities to store makeup brushes to craft room desks for art supplies.


A Set Of Fabric Boxes Designed To Keep Your Lingerie Neat

Each of the four boxes in this underwear storage set is designed for a specific purpose: one for bras, and the others are for socks, briefs, and thin scarves or ties. You can arrange the fabric bins in any configuration that suits your needs, and customize it even more by choosing one of seven colors, like gray or turquoise.


An Over-The-Door Rack With Adjustable Storage Baskets

Create more storage space in your pantry or laundry room with this hanging wire rack, which can be installed over a door or on the wall. Eight baskets can be adjusted to different heights, and an additional four rail guards will keep tall bottles and small spice jars secure and easy to reach.


A Rotating Belt/Tie Rack That Works With The Touch Of A Button

This battery-operated hanging tie rack has a carousel that stores up to 75 ties and belts and rotates with the push of a button. In addition to the motorized feature, this rack also has an LED light that makes it easy to pick out just what you need.


These Shoe Organizers That’ll Double Your Shelf Space

These adjustable shoe slots allow you to stack both shoes right on top of each other, so they’ll take up half the space on your shelves and reduce the appearance of clutter. Sold in a pack of 18, they come in black and two shades of white.


A Simple Wooden Stand For Bracelets, Scrunchies, & More

If you’ve been struggling to find a neat way to keep your bracelets organized, look no further: this wooden stand is just the thing. You could also use it to store scrunchies and hair ties, and it would work nicely for short necklaces and chokers as well. Choose from seven colors to go with any vanity or dresser.


A Sleek Steel Shelf That's Perfect For Storing Your Heels

This metal shelf has a mesh design that helps stilettos and heels stay upright. The shelf takes seconds to assemble and doesn't require any tools. Each of the three tiers can hold up to four pairs of shoes and up to 30 pounds.


A Rotating Hanger Designed to Keep Bras And Tank Tops From Slipping

Each of these two hangers can hold eight bras, camisoles, or tank tops at a time. The upturned hooks will keep straps in place and the steel hanger rotates, making it easy to add or remove what you need without taking the entire hanger off of the rod.


An Over-The-Door Organizer That You'll Find So Many Uses For

This inexpensive over-the-door organizer has four pockets with windows so you can find exactly what you need. Available in six colors, including beige (pictured), black, turquoise, and pink, the sturdy organizer fits over most doors and can also be hung on a closet rod. Use it to store vitamins, hair accessories, tea sachets, or even lingerie.


A Hanger That Will Keep Your Scarves And Shawls Wrinkle Free And Easy To Access

This looped hanger gives you a way to store your delicate scarves and shawls so that you view them all at once. It comes with 18 snag-free, metal circles of varying sizes to accommodate different fabrics, like heavier pashminas and silk scarves.


This Simple But Clever Invention To Keep Your Tall Boots Upright

It can be so hard to keep your shoe closet or mud room neat when your boots are constantly falling down. The solution? These clever boot shapers. They’re cheap and simple, but they get the job done: One stand works for a pair of shoes, and keeps them upright to help retain their shape so they don’t become wrinkled or creased. Choose from a pack of five or six in assorted colors.


Steel-Framed Dividers To Keep Stacks Of Clothes Neat And Tidy

This pair of steel and fabric shelf dividers will keep jeans, towels, and sweaters neatly stacked. The dividers slide easily into place and grip the shelf to stay securely where you put them.


A Compact Knife Block That Holds 12 Knives And Fits Inside Kitchen Drawers

This bamboo knife block is made to fit inside most kitchen drawers to free up counter space. The block has room for 12 knives, including for six smaller steak knives and six large prep knives. The staggered slot design takes up less space than traditional blocks and keeps knives secure when closing and opening the drawer.


A Storage Solution For Your Socks And Underwear That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Any Sized Drawer

The honeycomb design of this drawer organizer is fantastic for storing socks and underwear because it maximizes the available space. The organizer is made up of eight parts that snap together in different configurations to fit the drawer perfectly. In total, you'll get 18 slots and several smaller half-pockets.


A Wall-Mounted Holder For Brooms, Mops, And Other Cleaning Tools

This wall-mounted mop and broom holder will keep a firm grip on your cleaning supplies. Clamps adjust to grasp handles of any diameter and the holder has room for five brooms, rakes, and brushes. There are also five hooks for rags, towels, reusable grocery bags, or a dustpan.


Hanging Cedar Blocks For A Moth-Free And Woodsy-Scented Closet

Hanging up these 100% natural cedar blocks in your closets will not only keep moths away, but they'll also add a subtle woody fragrance. The cedar blocks also neutralize unwanted odors, which makes them great to hang in a mudroom, too.


An Organizer Designed To Hold An Impressive Amount Of Handbags

This over-the-door organizer has adjustable levels, hangers, and hooks at different depths to accommodate small items, like scarves and belts, as well as bulkier handbags. The metal unit is a significant space-saver, with a total of 21 hooks across six levels.


A Set Of Vanity Trays That Can Be Arranged To Fit Your Needs

This set of six clear vanity trays can be rearranged and even stacked to help you make the most of your drawer space. You can use them to organize beauty products, toiletries, or office supplies. The smaller trays are great for storing pushpins or hair ties, and the longer trays are just the right size for lip and eye pencils.


A Set Of Scented SachetsThat Leave A Clean Fragrance Behind

These scented sachets are made from non-toxic materials and come in 12 fragrances, including lily of the valley, white cotton, and lavender. Slip a couple of sachets in with your linen closet or in your dresser drawers to keep fabrics smelling fresh and subtly floral.


A Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner That Protects Surfaces And Comes In 17 Colors

The open weave construction of the Gorilla Grip shelf liner keeps it breathable and in place, so dirt, dust, and moisture don't accumulate. The liners stay put without adhesive, which helps protect cabinets and shelf surfaces from damage. The liner comes in an easy-to-cut roll and is available in 17 colors and patterns, including chevron (pictured) and quatrefoil.


Hanging Cubbies With A Brilliant Built-In Clothing Rod

Create way more usable space in your closet with this hanging closet organizer. Four fabric cubbies can hold folded sweaters, pants, and T-shirts. Plus, the unit also has a clothing rod below the cubbies that can be used to hang up skirts and blouses.


A Sturdy Handbag Storage Solution For Your Closet

Store your handbags in a vertical cascade with this purse storage system. Eight roomy slots have a see-through window, so you'll always reach for the right accessory. Fans also love it for holding bed sheets, shoes, and yarn for sewing projects.


Space-Saving Metal Hangers That Keep Pants Wrinkle-Free

These S-shaped stainless steel hangers can hold five pairs of pants, scarves, or towels, and keep them crease-free. The vertical hangers take up less closet space than traditional ones, and the smooth metal finish protects clothes from snagging.

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