Enhance Your Oscars Viewing With This Best Picture-Inspired Cocktail

As recommended by a Hollywood mixologist.

Minari is about a Korean family searching for the American Dream. To meld the Korean and American flavor profiles, we suggest an Old Fashioned infused with Yuja-Cha or citron tea syrup in lieu of sugar. It’s super vibrant but still recalls the classic cocktail.” — Matt Landes, founder of Cocktail Academy SergeUWPhoto/Shutterstock
Promising Young Woman plays on things not always being what they seem. Given there is a strong play on the mid-aughts, we went with a cocktail from that era — a Cosmopolitan. What makes this drink perfect for the movie is the use of mezcal in lieu of vodka for a smokey and unexpected punch.” — LandesBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock
Nomadland is a beautiful journey that occupies solace and for some reason, when thinking of a cocktail, we kept coming back to a classic American-style bourbon served on the rocks — just what you’d want to drink after a long day on the road.” — LandesSergeUWPhoto/Shutterstock
Mank is about the creation of Citizen Kane, a classic Hollywood tale directed by Orson Welles. Welles’ favorite cocktail was notoriously a Negroni and so we chose this drink to represent the film and pay homage to the director.” — LandesJamie Grill/Tetra images/Getty Images