Gifts For Dads Who Love To Cook (But Already Have Everything)

Gift these must-haves.

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gifts for dads who cook
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When it comes to dads, it seems like they've all got their "thing." Maybe they're really into golf and spending weekends on the green, maybe they have a deep appreciation for the fine arts, or maybe they love to get to work in the kitchen. For fathers who fall into the latter category, gift giving for any occasion is easy — all you've got to do is find something great that fosters their love for all things culinary. The options are nearly endless for gifts for dads who love to cook, but some rise above the rest. Here's what will keep them happy (and you well-fed) all year-round.

Having a dad who loves to get creative in the kitchen is great. Not only did you grow up with no shortage of delicious food at your dinner table, but when it comes to gift-giving holidays, you know just what to look for. The only obstacle? Narrowing it down to the best culinary innovations and creative gadgets that'll help your dad's skills stay sharp, when there's so much out there to choose from. Luckily, the hard part's been done for you, so read on to find just the thing to please the foodie dad in your life.

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Whether the kitchen is completely his domain or not, help him make it feel more industrial with this steel bookshelf and hanging rack. It'll store all his go-to tools and cookbooks in one convenient place.

If Dad's always in charge of the cooking during backyard barbecues, campouts, or tailgates, gift him this travel-ready cooler that'll keep all his ingredients fresh and safe.

This innovative design makes opening cans a breeze, so Dad won't ever have to pry open that sharp metal and risk a kitchen accident.

Nothing makes a dish feel fresh quite like herbs from one's own garden. Give dad this gift that'll help him grow his own inside.

Handcrafted in Japan and made to ensure lasting sharpness, this chef knife is an essential in any dedicated cook's kitchen. Plus, it's stunningly beautiful, so Dad's sure to love it.

For the dad who loves to cook, but is still honing his skills, this essential and incredibly popular cookbook will help him get it down.

Instant Pots can do an incredibly large number of things. Dad can cook risottos, soups, roasts, and more with this highly rated appliance — it'll quickly become a favorite.

Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most innovative. These stainless steel claws can shred, and serve freshly-cooked meats with ease, making barbecues easier than ever.

Fathers who love to spend time in the kitchen have likely tried their hand at freshly baked bread, but it's deceptively difficult to nail. Help him perfect his bespoke loafs with this top-rated bread maker.

Serious cooks can be very specific about their ingredients. So a kitchen scale helps them ensure their recipes are precise. Dad will love having this on his countertop to rely on.

This innovative tool adds instant smokey flavor to dishes — all Dad has to do is add wood chips to the burn chamber and place the flexible tube into a closed container to infuse rich flavor.

If your father prides himself in his perfectly grilled proteins, a thermometer is absolutely essential. This one delivers a highly accurate reading in just two or three seconds.

This affordable iron skillet is seasoned and ready to go, so dad can get right to cooking up his favorite breakfast recipes for the whole family.

If your dad's one for late-night toasted sandwiches, these toaster-safe baggies are the genius gift for him. They'll make gooey, melted cheese sandwiches a no-mess snack once and for all.

So his cookware collection has seen better days? He'll definitely appreciate a curated set (with the star of the set in his favorite color).

This holds knives, utensils, and you-name-it, so you can help get your dad's stuff out of those messy drawers and into an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-reach organizer.

This grill isn't big, but it packs serious heat — as in it can reach 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit within three minutes so that dad can get that perfect sear he's always talking about.

Dad obviously deserves the best, so if you're splurging on a blender, go with one that's a definite crowd favorite. This one is seriously powerful, and you can trust it's one that'll serve him well by its near-perfect rating.

Don't just get him any old olive oil — gift him one that'll both look good in his kitchen and provide a fun alternative to his usual choices.

If your dad's an amateur chef, the recipes in this cookbook might provide a challenge — but they'll definitely serve as some fun inspiration. Give him this version, which is a two-volume collection that's not only limited edition, but also signed and numbered.

For the Dad who always has something in the oven, get him a state-of-the-art oven that’s not only super chic, but also utilizes a smart system that automatically tracks progress, modifies temperatures, and adjusts cook times ... on your phone!

This pan is a cult-favorite for good reason. It’s literally an all-in-one item, replacing your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, and everything in-between.

For the dad that loves to entertain, these curated boxes come with 12 servings of meat, seafood, and other grill-friendly ingredients.

For the dad who spends hours grilling and sauteeing, this crossback apron is a must. Known for its comfort and wearability, it also lends some style to any kitchen look.

The adventurous cook will appreciate these ready-to-cook kits that include ingredients plus fun facts about the country that inspired the dish!

Dad’s amazing pesto recipe will be served up in no time with this chic mortar and pestle that doubles as decor!

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