This Video Of Ciara Breaking It Down Is Everything

Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar

Homepage image: Getty Images

We all have that one song that gets us twirling around the room, singing into whatever object is within hand’s reach, and pretending—if for only three to five minutes—that we are a diva of epic proportions. Well apparently divas of epic proportions also have these moments, and for stunning songstress Ciara a little Whitney Houston seems to do the trick. In a video posted to her Instagram early this morning, Mrs. Russell Wilson proudly flaunted her burgeoning baby bump while lip syncing “I’m Every Woman” into a wooden spatula while hair flipping, shimmying, and booty-shaking all over her home—something we can all relate to, no? Wearing a simple white tank and leggings with barely a stitch of makeup (while still looking insanely gorgeous, of course) and stopping to give son Future a smooch, the singer manages to simultaneously give us wife and mom goals plus serious karaoke inspo. Yup, we’d have to agree she’s definitely every woman.