The Art Of Job Interview Dressing

Making a good first impression in an interview is critical to landing the job of your dreams. Since pulling together a stylish and professional ensemble can be overwhelming, we’ve created the essential guide to interview dressing. Here’s how to choose an outfit that ensures you bring your A-game.

Style Rules For A Job Interview

If one of your strengths is attention to detail, prove it with impeccable fashion and makeup.

Wear A Polished Blouse

Appearing put-together is important, so be sure to wear a shirt that doesn't pull at the front or expose cleavage. A pussy-bow blouse is feminine and polished—paired with excellent posture, it's the ultimate power shirt.

Be Selective With Makeup

You can certainly wear a peachy blush or a pop of color on the lips or a sleek cat eye, but don't have all three guns firing at the same time. Choose one element to make a statement and then make sure the rest of your beauty look is chic and simple.

Choose A Classic Pump

A classic pump is a surefire bet when it comes to looking professional. (Read: Even if your current favorite shoe is is a sky-high platform, that does not mean this is the time to wear it.) Make sure your choice is office appropriate and that it's a heel height you feel confident walking in—the last thing you want to do is trip your way into a potential new boss' office.

Have A Flawless Manicure

The thing about bright red nails is that even the slightest chip is noticeable. Since your hands are exposed at an interview (and if you're like us, you gesture when you talk), a neutral shade or hue that matches your nail bed looks flawless and fresh, even if there are minor nicks.

Only Bring The Essentials

Since your handbag will likely rest on the floor or on a table during an interview, you don't want it spilling open and exposing all your personal belongings. Carry a structured tote that closes, and bring only the essentials so it's not overflowing.

Be Mindful Of Your Skirt Length

Even if your interview is with a company that has a casual dress code, do not—we repeat, do not—wear a super short skirt. Opt for a midi skirt, tailored trousers or of-the-moment culottes.

Come Prepared

Our last-but-not-least tip isn't as much about style as it is about coming prepared: Remember to always bring a notepad and pen. Even if you don't actually write anything down, being ready to jot a few notes shows you're serious about the job.