4 Chic Ways To Style Vintage Denim

If you are overly precious about your favorite vintage denim pieces, we totally understand. It isn’t every day you come across a one-of-a-kind, perfectly broken-in, early-’90s jean jacket. Even if you found it at Goodwill and only paid $10, soul-mate calibre vintage denim has the power to jump the ranks in a girl’s wardrobe and get more play than a Chanel bag. Here, 4 Team Zoe staffers reveal their denim treasure and how they style it for summer.

Cropped Jean Jacket

“This jean jacket belonged to my uncle as a kid, then somehow made its way into my closet. It's now perfectly cropped and lived in, but just stiff enough to maintain that vintage workwear vibe. It’s perfect to throw on top of summer dresses, and I plan on keeping it forever."

Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Photos: Austin Winchell, Hair & Makeup: Jessie Bishop

Cut-Off Jean Shorts

"I wear these slouchy shorts so much I'm bordering on never-nude status. For a summer evening I dress them up with a diaphanous top and neutral sandals."

Nicky Deam, Fashion Director

High-Waist Mom Jeans

"I wear vintage mom jeans because I love the shape they create, and you can style them so many ways. Lately, my go-to look is pairing them with a button-up blouse with the sleeves rolled up, statement boots and a chic cross-body bag."

Samantha Corbett, Graphic Designer

Button-Up Denim Skirt

"Even though my denim skirt is quite a statement on its own, I still like to play off its volume. I style it with an off-the-shoulder top with sleeves that mimic the shape of the skirt and a neck scarf for added volume."

Alyssa Sutter, Styling Associate