The Best Halloween Costumes For Those Who Want To Wear A Wig

While the regular use of wigs has decidedly become more and more mainstream of late (according to Kylie Jenner, we have her to thank for that), not all of us are ready to commit to a full-on headpiece. That’s probably why Halloween is extra fun for us who are otherwise too shy to attempt the trend; there are so many costumes that pretty much require you to forgo your natural locks and go headfirst (hairfirst?) into your desired character. If you’re one of those looking forward to playing with wigs this Halloween, we’ve rounded up a few costume ideas to try, as seen on some of our favorite celebrities and influencers. Each of these costumes would be nothing without the quintessential ‘do, from Daenerys’s icy mane to Jessica Rabbit’s signature red waves.


Mother Of Dragons


Kylie Jenner


Marilyn Monroe


Jessica Rabbit


Clueless' Cher And Dionne


Christina Aguilera


Daria And Jane Lane