Which Viral TikTok Aesthetic Aligns With Your Zodiac Sign?

Let the stars steer your style.


No, it’s not just your imagination — every day, it feels like there’s a new “core” rippling across social media, especially on TikTok. One way to cut through all the noise? Consider which viral aesthetic to try based on your zodiac sign. Ahead, TZR taps three sought-after astrologists to guide you in the right direction.

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Aries: Tenniscore

Adama Sesay, Professional Astrologer at LilithAstrology.com, describes Aries as one of the riskier zodiacs. “They have a lot of energy as a fire sign, so they always need to be ready to compete,” she tells TZR. Because of their fierce nature, she points to tenniscore as a fitting vibe.

Leo: Barbiecore

“Leos love attention, but they’re also very self-expressive through the clothing they wear,” Alice Bell, an astrologer for British Vogue tells TZR, adding that those who fall under the sign are not afraid to wear sequins or bright colors like hot pink. Translation? Come on Barbie, let’s go party.
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Sagittarius: Coconut Girl

Coconut girl, an aesthetic that blew up in 2021, is best summed up as the person always on a tropical vacation — here’s looking at you, Sagittarius. “They’re the most optimistic sign, and they increase their awareness of the world through travel,” Sesay explains.
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Taurus: Plazacore

Inspired by Eloise and Gossip Girl, plazacore evokes glamour, which aligns with the Earth sign. “Taurus is about money and material,” Sesay explains. “They are the luxurious and indulgent sign.” So go ahead and channel your inner Blair Waldorf.
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Virgo: That Girl

Virgos are known to be into wellness, according to Bell. Therefore, the astrologist says “that girl,” an aesthetic that prioritizes health, is well-suited for the sign. Embrace the look with high-style activewear, a hydrating face mask, and Sweetgreen salad.
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Capricorn: Cabincore

Aliza Kelly, a celebrity astrologer and author of There Are No Coincidences: A Manifestation Deck & Guidebook, says Capricorns seek comfort and feeling safe. Fittingly, cozy cabincore pieces like a Fair Isle sweater and wool socks are on brand for the earth sign.
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Gemini: Mall Girl

Inspired by fashion from the early ‘00s, the Mall girl look (aka Abercrombie-core) is a perfect match for the air sign. “Geminis are associated with curiosity and socializing, and that’s obviously the essence of the Y2K mall girl,” Bell explains. Not essential, but encouraged: wired headphones.
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Libra: Balletcore

“Libras are interested in arts and culture, so balletcore would fall into that,” Bell says. “But they’re also a feminine sign; they’re fun and flirty.” Miu Miu’s buzzy ballet flats are on pointe for this trend.
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Aquarius: Dark Academia

Kelly says Aquariuses are innovators who love learning and discovering new things. “They march to the beat of their own drum.” Preppy and scholarly, Dark Academia jives well with the air sign. From sweater vests to plaid pleated skirts, dress like you would for time in the ivory towers.
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Cancer: Coastal Grandma

“Cancer is an emotional water sign, and they can be considered the mom of the friend group,” Sesay notes. Style-wise, the astrologist says cancers like to look nice and feminine but not over the top — and the breezy, understated coastal grandma look (think: a linen top and Garden clogs) embodies just that.
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Scorpio: ‘90s Whimsigoth

Bell notes that Scorpios value their privacy and often keep to themselves. “They like clothing that looks good but doesn’t draw a lot of attention to them, so no bright colors.” So it comes as little surprise the astrologist assigns the witchy ‘90s whimsigoth aesthetic the edgy and mysterious cohort.
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Pisces: Mermaidcore

“Pisces is a water sign, and the mermaid is its unofficial symbol,” Sesay explains. “You can think of the ocean when you think of Pisces energy; they are a go-with-the-flow emotional water sign.” Tap into 2023’s leading aesthetic via a pearl necklace or sequin maxi dress.
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