Cabincore’s Hygge Embrace Has Entered The Chat

The cozy trend will swath you in cashmere and Goretex.

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Cozy season is imminent. And whether you spent your summer outdoors as a trekker or a frolicker, the time is coming to embrace a more laid-back attitude. Enter the cabincore fashion trend: it calls to mind misty mornings spent mushroom hunting, afternoons crocheting by the fireplace in your A-frame cabin, and candle-lit evenings involving glasses of red wine and made-from-scratch spaghetti. So, break out your sweater vest and wooly socks, it's time to get woodsy.

The last two years have seen the rise of a range of core aesthetics to help you usher in your cabincore era. You may have dressed up in the ruffly, romantic designs of cottagecore, complete with dainty picnics and chintzy lace. Or, in contrast, perhaps you preferred the sporty practicality of gorpcore — a trend that celebrates functional gear over capital-F fashion. Cabincore is a trend that manages to blend together the best of both: think, a comfortable cotton dress with an argyle knit layered over top. Or perhaps cashmere joggers tucked into rain boots with a quilted jacket layered for warmth. The trend finds hygge perfection in its hybridization.

“It’s the perfect mix of feeling a bit dressed up and stylish without sacrificing comfort and practicality, which fashion can often do,” says Morgane Sezalory, founder of Paris-based brand Sezane. “We love a ‘throw it on and go’ dress that still makes you look put together or the richest, thickest knit as the season turns to sweater weather.”

This romantic coziness isn’t exactly new — Taylor Swift’s 15-minute All Too Well video that was released last November feels like a shot-by-shot encapsulation of the trend, taupe shacket, plaid flannel, and chunky red scarf all included. But, as many women have continued to explore a hybridized work life post-pandemic, a Slack-from-anywhere escape to a cabin in the woods is not only increasingly appealing but also doable. Cozy staples can work for both a Zoom meeting and a lunchtime hike.

“After the past couple of years, no one wants to go back to wearing clothes that aren’t practical or comfortable,” explains Christopher Bevans, creative director at Eddie Bauer. “However, people do want to feel more put together again, and a great button-up flannel shirt or a fun pop color fleece are great styles to do both.” Combining rich fall textures like cashmere and flannel with the latest Goretex gear from brands like Patagonia, Snow Peak, or even Nike allows the wearer to embrace the variety of low-maintenance options.

“People’s interest in the outdoors has grown over the past couple of years, influencing the way they want to dress,” Bevans continues. Gucci’s collaboration with The North Face (which first launched in 2020) and Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2022 mushroom-dotted dresses nod to the fact that designers behind the top luxury fashion brands have the great outdoors on the mind. Even for those who aren’t heading out leaf-peeping this fall, the combination of sporty gear with delicate, romantic pieces can offer a playful and balanced take on fall dressing.

So, before you book your dream woodsy Airbnb or plan a luxury stay at your favorite National Park this fall, load up on the staples that will help you embrace the hike-to-hygge pipeline.

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