These 8 Fashion Trends Are Taking Over London

Here's why you need to know them.

These are the trends fashion girls in London are loving

The British have a knack for predicting fashion's practical-yet-sophisticated trends. Consider their approach to trench jackets, stylish sneakers, sheer tights, and utilitarian boots, and their label as industry trendsetters is well-deserved. This season, the runways will be a digital affair, but the fashion trends Londoners are wearing prove that even in the midst of a strict lockdown, they're finding ways to show off their creative prowess.

“Happy colors and clothes that are a little bit more playful are what we have been waiting for patiently in our tracksuits,” Influencer and Content Creator Tamara Kalinic tells TZR. As has been prevalent on runways lately, expect to see Kalinic and others toy around with unexpected hues and fun, but comfortable silhouettes to breathe life back into fashion, even if only from home.

Even with as interconnected as the world is through social media, in some ways blurring the lines of cultural and geographical differences (including as it pertains to fashion), the trends brewing in London currently do feel, well, particularly London-y. Think tailored elements and your fair share of layering — both of which you can of course adopt wherever you may reside. Whether you’re scoping out tips for the next months of cool-weather dressing, or looking to embrace the pinnacle of British style entirely, ahead, find the trends eight London-based influencers say are everywhere right now.

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London Fashion Trends: Oversized Cardigans

According to Influencer and CEO of vegan fragrance line AZALEO, Soraya Bakhtiar, there’s a new staple joining the cozy capsule you’ve probably been building since last year — ultra chunky, extra-long cardigans. “I can’t think of a better item to snuggle at home with, or [wear] to the supermarket,” she tells TZR. To make even the lounge-iest of outfits feels less so, consider a cardigan with statement weaving details, or exaggerated sleeves. “The perk is you can wear anything underneath and still look fab,” Bakhtiar says, adding that she personally styles hers with jeans and a tee for a boho look, while she’s seen others belt theirs at the waist. “I think in these difficult times, comfort is key and this is a staple that is here to stay.”

London Fashion Trends: Vintage-Inspired Straight Jeans

As far as the conversation around comfort dressing goes, jeans are largely out of the equation, but lately fashion girls have been known to make an exception for California-cool straight leg iterations. Podcast Host and Curator Lindsey Holland tells TZR the '90s denim trend extends to London as well. “I love the way this [trend] is nostalgic of another time, but also how chic and pared-back it feels,” she says. “I wear them with a low trainer like Vans, or an all white lace-up pump, and slim-fitting knitwear [with] a super long, oversized coat.” Of course, the innate versatility of denim allows for dressing this style up as well — think a silk, half-tucked top, and heeled booties.

London Fashion Trends: Chocolate Brown

Scoping out trends comes naturally for London-based Founder and Creative Director of Kai Collective Fisayo Longe, so it’s fitting she’d be on to the love for chocolate brown that’s swept all of Instagram, and apparently London, too. Taking the color trend and running with it, Longe suggests going monochrome and luxe with silk and leather, then adding an element of surprise through a pop of color handbag.

London Fashion Trends: Candy Colors

Follow any handful of London-based fashion influencers on Instagram, and you’re bound to notice what seems to be a collective appreciation for neutrals, but Kalinic tells TZR pastel, candy-like tones are becoming more prevalent. Feeling unsure about diving into a powdery yellow dress, or baby pink pants? Take this trendsetter’s styling approach — Kalinic says she incorporates the playful tones into her wardrobe by way of accessories, naming Dior’s Caro bag (which comes in pastel shades such as rose and mint green) a potential contender.

London Fashion Trends: Dramatic Scarves

For the remaining chilly days ahead, Social Media and Content Editor Ell Richardson recommends investing in a cozy scarf. We’re talking one that’s exceptionally chunky and especially long. While it’s a solid investment you can expect to jell with just about anything, Richardson tells TZR her ideal pairing includes going chunky all around, from a thick, knit sweater, to even chunkier boots.

London Fashion Trends: Wide-Leg Trousers

ICYMI, sweatpants have an older, more sophisticated sister — the wide-leg trouser — and Digital Content Creator Tashie Tinks tells TZR she’s excited to see London embracing the style again. The hack here is to keep everything else comfort-based — Tinks suggests a bralette and oversized puffer — for an outfit that feels like lounge, but reads as chic.

London Fashion Trends: Vibrant Pink

Leaning into a positive outlook for 2021 means, in fashion lingo, going even beyond pastels to welcome bolder, more vibrant hues into your rotation as well. Content Creator Danielle Vanier tells TZR she's seeing bursts of pink around London lately. "The injection of bright colors into our wardrobes fills us, and our timelines, with that much-needed optimism and hope for better, brighter days," she says. Contrary to what may feel intuitive, pink (and virtually any color) actually leaves tons of room for versatility and wearability. Vanier's answer to styling? Color blocking with red or orange for the bold, or with gray for a softer, toned-down approach.

London Fashion Trends: Suit Sets

For those looking for an outfit that feels a notch more elevated than wide-leg trousers and a relaxed top, Creative Director and Influencer Janice Joostema notes the continued prominence of suits among the trendiest in London. “They are so effortless and stylish,” Joostema tells TZR. “Plus, pairing it with a pair of sneakers or chunky sole runners to make it more cool and easy as we live in these uncertain times and comfort is what’s cool.” Of course you’re totally at liberty to mix and match co-ords, but typically speaking, the monochromatic nature of suits makes them particularly easy to style. Keeping the clothes neutral and uniform, Joostema turns to accessories for a statement, layering on stackable rings, statement earrings, and standout shoes. Of course, she adds, the piece that brings the look to its final form is an oversized jacket.