(Journey With Jewels)

Telsha Anderson's Engagement Ring Is The Perfect Non-Traditional Style

It combines two iconic jewelry brands.

Telsha Anderson

Journey With Jewels is our series that explores one’s relationship with jewelry beyond adornments — as a force to transform, empower, and even draw on energy from the past. From perennial favorites to vintage heirlooms, the meaning we attach to these decorative objects range and reveal more than our styling preferences. This edition is with Telsha Anderson, the owner of t.a. New York.

When Telsha Anderson opened her shop t.a. New York it was in the midst of the shutdown, what many would consider unlucky. But, Anderson quickly had a devout group of fashion editors and stylish influencers following the store — shopping online until they had the chance to finally visit her meatpacking location in person. Anderson has stocked the store with some of the city’s buzziest designers that fit both uptown and downtown shoppers — from Rosie Assoulin, Theophilio, to Christopher John Rogers.

So, ultimately it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Anderson’s own wardrobe (and jewelry drawer, for that matter) is full of standout statement pieces — bursting with color and texture. But, she can take no credit for what she considers her most valuable piece of jewelry: her engagement ring from her fiancé Justin. The sculptural piece is by Hoorsenbuhs in collaboration with another fashion-insider jewelry favorite, Spinelli Kilcollin. “Justin worked with Hoorsenbuhs for the ring design,” Anderson tells TZR. “He took an original design of theirs and customized it from there. Essentially, he made the final decision on the ring and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She adds that the proposal was a total surprise, “[It] happened on a random Monday. He sent me to the hotel lobby to get a package and when I arrived upstairs, he was on one knee. It’s all a blur but of course I said ‘yes!’”

The diamond-studded ring features two connected bands with three small gold rings wrapped around the center bar, marrying the signature designs of the two jewelry brands. “I’ve always wanted something out of the box and original. All I mentioned pre-engagement was ‘I want a band’ and he took it from there,” she explains. Anderson is among a growing group of future brides who are seeking out non-traditional engagement rings, straying away from the more popular stones and shapes for something that feels more unique and true to a couple’s aesthetic.

Anderson adds that she wears the ring every day along with a few other simple jewelry pieces. “The only other jewelry I wear is a vintage Cèline bracelet that Justin bought me for Christmas and a few gold chain necklaces from Tiffany (also from Justin!),” she says. “I try to keep everything as cohesive as possible.” The gold-on-gold layering makes for easy everyday styling, since you can always layer on more pieces in the same metal without worrying about clashing or things looking too busy.

Below, Anderson talks more about her ring, the symbolism behind the design, and how she cares for it.