This Summer’s Trending Prints Will Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

But in the best possible way.

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Last summer will be remembered as the season when maximalism hit the mainstream with an almost unprecedented ferocity. The patterns seen everywhere in summer 2021 were particularly emblematic of the bold aesthetic’s powerful reign — think colorful fruit motifs, wavy checkerboards, and cartoonish drawings that put you back in touch with your inner child. And looking ahead, summer 2022’s print trends will uphold the established more-is-more momentum, only this time by tapping into nostalgia to strategically create an exuberant mood.

“This summer, it’s all about a vintage print,” Intermix’s Chief Merchant Divya Mathur shares with TZR over email. “In particular, customers are loving Emilio Pucci-inspired patterns.” She notes this could mean anything from the Italian house’s signature psychedelic swirls to fluid florals to geometric blocks of color. “These sorts of statement retro prints tap into the customer’s desire for emotion and novelty, while vibrant colors and nod to ‘60s-era easy glamour makes the prints versatile enough for day or night,” she explains.

Mathur adds, too, that Pucci’s iconic patterns possess an inherent elegance that’s undeniably intriguing. Envision a woman sunning herself on the Amalfi coast, sipping a citrus spritz, and decked out head-to-toe in kaleidoscopic garb. That vibe — one of effortless sophistication and set to a relaxed, slow-moving vacation tempo — is in part why so many have already started integrating these vintage prints into their summer lineup.

Furthermore, Pucci’s aren’t the only throwback prints you’ll see in the coming season — chevron (yes, as in the bold zig-zags you wore throughout the 2010s) is in the early stages of a resurgence, and Mathur expects it to reach its trending apex this summer. Missoni (who has set the standard for high fashion chevron for decades), Wales Bonner, and Valentino are amongst the brands you can thank for giving the graphic more of a contemporary feel and less of an “It’s 2012, and I just picked up this chiffon, color-blocked chevron tank top from Forever 21” energy.

Ahead, more insight on the aforementioned trends, as well as a few other patterns you can expect to be popular throughout summer 2022 — and, of course, an edit to shop.

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Who’s Hungry?

Lisa Bühler, founder of retail destination and cool-girl mecca Lisa Says Gah, invites you to turn to your pantry or backyard garden for inspiration this summer. “Our food-related prints are always a hit — they’re playful yet totally doable for every day. In fact, we just launched our Italian Summer print, which features illustrations of our favorite seasonal foods — bright lemons, oysters, plump tomatoes, and even a Gah! sardine can,” she tells TZR.

Pucci Power

“I think a Pucci-inspired print is going to be the defining print of the summer,” says Mathur, specifically shouting out Paco Rabanne and L’Agence for paying homage to the Italian designer’s graphics in their summer 2022 offerings. “With a bold ‘60s motif, let the print do all the work and keep your accessories limited to pretty gold pieces like hoops, layered necklaces, and strappy heels,” advises Mathur on styling a Pucci-esque pattern. “If you really want to amplify your look, add a vintage printed head scarf for that just-back-from-the-Italian-Riviera feel,” she offers.

It Was All A Blur

Where were you when you first saw Loewe’s technicolor, blur print tank dress from its Spring/Summer 2022 collection? Maybe you tuned in for the fashion house’s runway back in September and initially saw it when the rest of the world did. Maybe Kendall Jenner introduced you to the dress in early April, or perhaps you’re discovering it right now (fashion influencer Ellie Delphine models the garment above). Regardless of how or when you took notice of the Loewe maxi dress, what’s important to know is that it spawned an entire trend dedicated to colorful and hazy prints.

As Bühler sees it, abstracted blurry prints are “a nod to the early aughts but still feel refreshingly contemporary,” making them a well-balanced mix of nostalgia and futurism. “We love Paloma Wool’s statement mini dress for the summer in this print style for this very reason.”

The Great Chevron Revival

Chevron, in all of its zig-zagging, 2010s-era glory, is on course to resurge this summer. Mathur particularly credits Missoni for the print revival, saying the brand’s signature chevron graphics have become especially popular amongst the fashion set and Intermix shoppers as of late. “We are seeing our customers gravitate towards vibrant prints from the Italian luxury fashion house both for beach and more dressy looks.”


“Ginghams and checks are versatile classics for the summer,” says Bühler. Like last season, summer 2022 will offer a bevy of bright and highly-saturated checked prints that maximalists won’t be able to resist. And there will be options for those who fall on the opposite end of the style spectrum, too: If you identify as more of a minimal dresser, Bühler invites you to look for more muted takes on the iconic gingham. Particularly mocha brown and soft green, which Bühler says are neutral yet versatile shades “great for everyday and occasion dressing.”

Washed-Out Tie Dye

The odds are you’re intimately familiar with the tie-dye craze of recent years. It’s possible you even tried your hand at it, transforming your neutral loungewear sets into kaleidoscopic, mood-boosting creations with the help of an at-home kit and a few YouTube tutorials.

Mathur forecasts tie-dye prints to remain prevalent this summer — however, you won’t find the highly saturated spirals and bursts that defined 2020. Instead, this season’s offerings will manifest with more natural-looking graphics and boast a more faded look, almost as if your DIY designs went through a few too many cycles in the wash. Amongst Intermix customers, Mathur says, “graphic prints from brands like Studio 189 and Busayo have been a hit.”

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