Styling Hacks That Make Short Girls Look Taller

If you’re 5’4″ or under, you’ve likely discovered some serious advantages in life, like being able to sit comfortably in a car full of people or having an amazing selection of shoe options on the sale rack. However, a tiny frame presents a daily challenge when it comes to piecing together outfits that don’t overwhelm your small stature. We’re sharing seven styling hacks that celebrate your pint-sized proportions.

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Short Girl Hacks

Opt For A V-Neck Top

A neckline that points triangularly downward helps to elongate your torso. Wear it with a long lariat necklace to pronounce the illusion.

Embrace Micro Hemlines

Petite women can wear short skirts and frocks without it looking inappropriate—something many taller women struggle with. Take advantage of the fact that you can pull them off and make your legs look longer by donning a short hemline. Tip: Wrap options or ones with slits are especially great at visually elongating the body.

Become BFFs With High-Waisted Bottoms

Whether you opt for jeans, skirts or trousers, high-waisted bottoms paired with a slim-fitting top enhance the illusion of height and cinch your waist, giving you a refined silhouette.

Elongate Your Legs With Pointed-Toe Shoes

You don't need to refrain from flat shoes for the sake of your height. Select a pointed-toe variation, which visually stretches your legs and feet outward, compared to a rounded-toe option that can make you look stumpy.

Show Off Your Ankles

A pair of blatantly too-long jeans is not a flattering look. Instead of letting them pool at the bottom, cuff them to reveal your ankles or opt for a cropped version.

Try A Monochrome Outfit

Eshew color-blocking in favor of a head-to-toe, monochromatic ensemble. The lack of visual breaks helps strengthen the illusion of height.

Nude Heels Are Optimal

There's no doubt that heels are essential in a short girl's wardrobe—make sure to add a reliable nude option, similar to the color of your skin. They subtly blend in with your legs so you appear leaner and longer with height.